Pakwach residents reject motorcycle ambulance

By Deo Wasswa

Residents in Pakwach have asked woman member of parliament Avur Jane Pachthu to order her political agents to take back the motorcycle which was donated by the her to serve as ambulance carrier in the three health facilities in the district.

The facilities that include Pachego health center III, Pakia health center III and Pokwel health center are supposed to use the motorcycle to transport ailing members of the community in the district.

Ogenda Albert, the chairman senior Management committee of Pakia health center III says the ambulance carrier was removed and the motorcycle was taken by the legislator’s political agents for personal use.

He says the three facilities are now having half an ambulance which can’t serve the community as it used to do.

He says most of patients that go to seek treatment at the three health facilities are suffering from Malaria..