Parliament tasks internal affairs to probe into Ugandan driver’s deaths in South Sudan

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has directed the foreign affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa to make a report about the reported killings of Ugandan lorry drivers and businessmen by suspected South Sudan Rebels inside the south Sudan territory .

This after Koboko Woman Member of Parliament Margret Babadri narrated a death ordeal of more than 10 Ugandans who were killed by assailants and others left naked in a series of ambushed enroute Juba.

Babadri told parliament that the unknown motive of the killings is breeding insecurity in Koboko and other boarder areas thus asking government to take immediate action.

She also asked government to explore diplomatic avenues through the ministries of Foreign affairs to see to it that the killings are mitigated before they spill over to other highways to Juba.

In response the State Minister for internal affairs Obiga Kania noted that the government has learnt about the killings through its embassy in South Sudan and was still studying the matter .

Obiga said that his ministry would report to parliament once they are get the necessary details.