Controversial Ugandan Pastor Solomon Male during an interview at Mukono Magistrates court in Kampala on November 28, 2013. Pastor Male has been one of the most vocal people in the country fighting against the homosexuality act that has seen some of the donor countries cut aid to Uganda. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda that when found guilty one might be sentenced to the death penalty. AFP PHOTO/ Isaac KasamaniISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images

Pastor Male defends Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala engule song re-edition

By Deo Wasswa
Pastor Male Solomon has noted that the Bobi wine song ‘Tuliyambala engule’ has actually come at right time and the people in government especially President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni must spare some time and listen to the song, internalize the massage and guide the on how to come up with fitting solutions to the problems facing Uganda today.

According to him, the song actually is communicating the country’s problems like lack of justice in the country, increased use of tear gas against innocent Ugandans, insecurity in the country, lack of democracy, discrimination among others.

“I call up on president Museveni to sit down and listen to the message in this song so that no one continues to mislead him that the song is bad.’’ Pastor Male added.

He also noted that those pastors who have come out to condemn Hon. Kyagulanyi for singing this song should stop it because what he is communicating in the song is truly happening in the country.

“When Bobi Wine sings a song, how does it become evil, one Pastor Sempa has never composed that song, two it was never composed by born again, three the person who composed that song died around 300 years ago.” Male argued.

According to him, His excellence always quotes the Bible but he has never started a church neither being in the ministry. He reads scriptures for his political aspirations but none of single clerics has ever come out to tell president that you are a politicians stop quoting the Bible.

Recently when asked about the meaning of the song, Bobi wine responded that the song is trying to unearth the massage that whatever problems one goes through, after the struggle these problems go and victory comes.

The Tuliyambala engule song was composed and launched at in October at Bobi wine’s concert held at one love beach Busabala. However the song come into video recently featured by other musicians such as Irene Ntale, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Irene Namatovu, Kiyaga Hiraly(Hilda Man) among others.