Patients pour in as free medical services deadline closes in at new Mulago

By Moses Kidandi

The number of patients has increased at the new Mulago specialized hospital ahead of  free access of medical services deadline.

The hospital has so far recorded a total of 1040 outpatients, out of which 244 patients sought antenatal services, 710 were gynae out-patients, 42 received ultra sound scans, 213 people have undergone  laboratory tests and about 74 patients have returned to be reviewed.

For in-patients, the hospital has recorded nine admissions including , one normal delivery and four caesarean sections patients.

Health minister Ruth Aceng says the hospital has delivered 6 babies, that include a pair of twins and all the babies are alive and in a stable condition. 

Ruth Aceng says  members of the public will continue accessing free services at the new Mulago Specialized Women and Neonatal Hospital until next week after independence day celebrations.

Patients who want to access free medical services after the deadline will have to visit General Government Hospitals.