People power members teargassed as they return nomination forms

By Sania Babirye

Members of people power movement have lashed out at police after they were teargassed at their movement headquarters.

Sulaiman Kidandala from people power says that there was no need for such brutality given that these were just peaceful processions by members and supporters that were returning nomination forms.

He says that despite abiding by the laws and respecting police, police continues to brutalize them which is going to force them to act otherwise.

In the said scuffle, some members allegedly attained serious injuries.

Police deployed heavily in areas around the people power office and at a local TV station where MP and 2021 presidential aspirant had gone for a talk show.

According to police, the said deployment was aimed at controlling Bobiwine’s supporters who always follow him in large numbers disregarding the COVID-19 standard operational procedures.