Plascon introduces new anti mosquito paint

By Deo Wasswa
The anti-mosquito paint, the first of its kind has been introduced onto Uganda market with the goal of supporting the country’s efforts of being malaria-free by 2021, which would place Uganda alongside Morocco, the only certified malaria-free country in Africa having registered no cases since 2010.

The revolutionary new paint is a modified emulsion paint powered by Plascon’s unique mosquito “Knock Down” technology and it is being offered as a value-for-money alternative indoor residual spraying.

While malaria interventions such as mosquito nets, prophylactics and insecticide spraying are still in use, the deadly disease continues to account for more than one million deaths on the African continent each year.

Working in a public-private partnership together with the Ugandan Ministry of Health, other agencies and stakeholders, Kansai Plascon has developed an innovative Kansai Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint. The modified acrylic emulsion paint is powered by its unique mosquito “Knock Down” technology, giving people the peace of mind of a mosquito-free environment.

The Kansai Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint is specially designed to be safe to use in residential homes, public and commercial buildings. “Kansai Plascon’s Anti-Mosquito paint is the only product of its kind. It has been approved by all the local bodies necessary including; the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs the National Drag Authority, National Environment Management Authority, and National Health Research Authority. It is lead-free, a low emission product that can be used anywhere, which makes it the ideal way to put people at ease if they are living in or visiting a high-risk malaria area,” said Kansai Plascon Vice President Dr Kalpana Abe.

The ‘Knock Down’ technology works by disrupting the mosquito’s nervous system on contact , reducing its ability to remain on painted walls or flying too far away, resulting in it being knocked down. The knock-down effect lasts for up to two years, offering lasting protection from malaria infection and other mosquito-borne diseases,” added Dr Abe.

In addition to being one of Africa’s deadliest diseases, malaria also accounts for half of school absenteeism and has considerable negative impacts on the economy.

Malaria No More is an organisation dedicated to eradicating the disease and reveals that a 10% decrease in malaria has been associated with a 3% rise in GDP. Reducing Malaria will keep children in school, allow parents to work, and reduce spending on medication and healthcare. Malaria No More also reports that the disease is the biggest killer of children below the age of five.

“The launch of the Kansai (Plascon) Anti-Mosquito paint kicks off with the ‘Hold my Hand to 5’ campaign where Plascon has pledged to donate paint to some of underprivileged communities” added Dr Abe.

“The “Hold my Hand to 5” campaign aims to highlight the plight of the most vulnerable malaria victims: our children, while driving consumer education on the fight against malaria. Kansai Plascon plans to forge strong partnerships with government, NGOs and the private sector to ensure the campaign has an enduring and holistic impact,” said Regional Brand Manager Lungi Koni.

Dr Abe said, “This revolutionary product will go a long way in saving lives and keeping vulnerable families and communities safe. The long-lasting benefits of keeping people healthy and strong will also be instrumental in creating healthier economies.”