Police boss Rogers Muhirwe on hot seat after unexplained forces’ expenditure

By Alice Lubwama

Police  has failed to explain how they spent over 12 billion shillings in training.

While appearing before the public accounts committee of parliament chaired by the Soroti woman member of Parliament, Angelina Osege to scrutinize the auditor general’s report of 2015/2016. The undersecretary of the force Rogers Muhirwe said that the some funds was  used to train additional man power for the 2016 elections and he balance  was used to clear outstanding food bills of 2.97 billion among others.

The auditor general in his report noted that 15 billion was budgeted to carry out staff training however a sum of 21 billion was spent leading to excess expenditure.

The auditor general noted that in the police’s training reports the courses undertaken and places where the trainings took place were not mentioned.

The report also reveals that even though police claims to have trained 250 officers  but they could not reveal their names , training instructors , facilities and who and what was paid to them.