Police cautions FDC to follow rules during their anniversary celebrations

By Robert Segawa

Police has given Forum for Democratic change (FDC) guidelines to follow for their 15th anniversary celebration that is expected to take place at Namboole on Monday 16th December.

According to Patrick Onyango Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, FDC as a party is supposed to follow the provisions of public order management act especially section five.

Onyango says the function must be held indoors and there should be no procession to and from the venue.

He added that the anniversary must be strictly to party members and should not be an open political rally. FDC should also have proof of clear consent to use the venue from the management of Namboole stadium.

Meanwhile Nandala Mafabi the party Secretary general insists that there must will be a procession from their Headquarters Najjanankumbi to Namboole stadium.

He adds that they informed police in time for providing security during their anniversary celebration.