Police officer held over Sebulime’s murder

By Sania Babirye
A police officer attached 999 Patrol system has been charged with the murder of Ssebulime Ronald. The suspect is identified as 46 year old corporal Ssali David a resident of Namungoona Zone1 in Rubaga division within Kampala district.

He appeared before Mukono court chief magistrate Mariam Nalugya who didn’t allow him to take plea to the charge since it is a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high court.

He has been remanded to Luzira prison until the 30th of April as investigations into the case continues.

Prosecution states that on the 24th of March 2019 at Nagojje Trading Center in Mukono district with malice aforethought caused the unlawful death of Ssebulime Ronald .

On the 4th of April this year, Relatives of Ssebulime camped at the Mukono court over rumors that three unknown suspects were to be produced at court to be charged over their relative’s mystery murder.

The relatives are led by their lawyer Muwada Nkunyinji of Muwadda and company advocates who also said that was not aware of the alleged court appearance or the identities of the alleged suspects .

However, Muwada said that they wanted to know that the unknown charges that are said to have been preferred to these unknown people include murder and if the suspects include the inspector General of Police and minister Aidah Nantaba.

On the 27th of March this year, the 40 year old and single father of four was laid to rest in an emotional sendoff in which mourners and well wishers described his murder as ridiculous after he was shot dead by police in Kayunga district .

The angry mourners meanwhile insulted government during his send off calling for those responsible for his murder arrested and punished for murdering an innocent man.

Police had first stated that Ssebulime was killed during a cross fire with police while he was riding on a bodaboda with another unidentified person tralling state minister for ICT Idah Nantaba.

The police had also stated that Ssebulime and his colleague were armed with guns and that he was shot at as he tried to flee.

However, police later retracted the statements and instead revealed that Ssebulime was riding alone on his motorcycle and that he was not armed and was indeed shot at close range after he surrendered to police who had his hands and legs handcuffed before shooting him in an extrajudicial killing .

He was apparently killed while trying to rush to school to visit his children on visiting day.

His killing followed after minister Nantaba reported to police that some dangerous people were trailing her on a bodaboda.

Following his death, members of parliament asked government to probe minister Nantaba’s role in his killing and allegedly government set up a three member committee to do so.

Police has since then come out and clarified that Ssebulime was innocently killed and also apoligised to his family.