Police, OPM , Minister of Kampala to probe claimants

By Robert Segawa

The police management, office of prime minister together with minister of Kampala have embarked on a probe into those who were wounded and killed by stray bullets shot during violent protests started by NUP supporters demanding immediate release of Robert Kyagulanyi when he was arrested in Luuka district.

The probe comes hours after President Museveni said that government was going to compensate those who were hit by stray bullets yet were not part of the protests.

While addressing the journalists in Kampala police spokesman Fred Enanga said that the OPM, Kampala officials are working to establish a full list of contacts of those victims and will soon be released to the public.

He however added that the forensic team had collected several bullet cartridge from the crime scene for further examination.

Meanwhile the inspector general of police Martin’s Okoth Ochola has issued a new circular on use of live ammunition by police.