Police says construction in the city is obstructing CCTV cameras

By Robert Segawa
Police has reported slight success in investigating crimes in Kampala with the help of footage captured by CCTV Cameras despite some challenges like power outage and constructions which disrupt their operations.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that by December 2019 a total of 296 cases registered with in Kampala were successfully investigated and culprits arrested with the help of CCTV Cameras and 123 vehicle’s conflicted in criminal incidents were impounded

Enanga says that they are seeing a reduction in crimes especially in Kampala were cameras where erected but he says that they are working with the city planners to see how they can minimize the disruption of the underground fiber optic cables due to their constructions which is making the cameras fault at some point .

Enanga also noted that they can not use CCTV camera in areas of Clock tower and other areas construction of the Kampala flyover project is happening yet these areas are hiding places of criminal elements.