Police to send out recruitment team at the end of the month

By Robert Segawa

The inspector general of police Okoth Martin Ochola is to flag off 25 recruitment teams country wide to recruit 5000 People into police.

Addressing the press today at police headquarters, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the teams will be flagged off on 29th of this month and will recruit for the period of one week.

Enanga says that those to be recruited include 4500 probational police constables and 500 learner assistant inspectors of police IP those to be recruited under Forensic directorate, ICT directorate the entry point is strictly diploma’s.

He adds that the process of recruitment is by rule and merit, warning all those who want influence the recruitment by relatives, agencies, among others will be dealt with.

He emphasizes that only senior four certificate holders will be allowed, with hand written application, LC 1 letter, signed by DISO and RDC’s with national ID’s. Three passport photo’s possession of ID of schools attended.

He further warned those with criminal records will be definitely screened them out.

Enanga further advised the applicants that deadline for receiving applications will be on 29th July to 4th Aug at the district where the interview will be conducted and asked them to mark the date clearly.