Police vows to use all means to disperse illegal meetings

By Robert Segawa

Police says that they are closely monitoring the consultative meetings of the presidential aspirants who were cleared by the electoral commission to conduct their meetings a head of the 2021 general elections

It should be noted that the electoral commission cleared six presidential aspirants to conduct consultative meetings in coordination with the police for proper safety of the public.

While addressing a press conference at police headquarters Naguru, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson noted that police is monitoring the consultative meetings of the the presidential aspirants because some of them have failed to notify the police about their meetings and instead put them on social media.

Fred Enanga also noted that police will continue to gather intelligence about the public gatherings of politicians where they will continue to use all their means including teargas to disperse them once they are organized illegally.

However Fred Enanga revealed that they are willing to police all public gatherings of politicians especially the presidential aspirants who liaise with them during their preparation