Political ananlyst urges political parties to train new Parliamentary entrants

By Phiona Namutebi

Political analyst Henry Kasacca has pointed out that lack of ideological focus remains a threat to the growth and existence of opposition political parties in Uganda.

While speaking to the press, Kasacca said that many times when members are voted into power, they forget the ideological concepts of the parties they come from making the parties dull since their ideas are not considered.

He adds, this in turn becomes challenging because it causes divisions among party members as everyone serves their personal interests as apposed to collective party interests.

Kasacca has also blamed political parties for failure to train their newly elected members of parliament that has limited their effectiveness in parliamentary operations.

Kasacca notes that political parties should not assume that new legislators know what to do and even if they know, they always need to be guided so that they don’t get off-track and fail to effectively serve their societies.

He has advised opposition political parties to unite if they are to transform the country because the divisions amongst them don’t add anything on their goal but they instead weaken them.