Political upheavals have not affected tourism – Kamuntu

The ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Etiquette says there have been no negative impacts on tourism caused by political upheavals in the country.

According Tourism minister Prof Ephraim Kamuntu, the demonstrations in the country did not  impact the number of tourists coming in Uganda . He blamed the  media which for trying to portray an image of  a politically unstable country.

‘Tourism is the main source of foreign exchange earner for the country with 1.4 Us Billion dollars annually thus contributing to national GDP.’Says Kamuntu.

He however said that there have been some travel cancellations and travel advisory from embassies but this did not affect the sector as claimed by the private tourist operators.

Kamuntu made the remarks while addressing the media on the upcoming International Tourism Day due to take place in Jinja on 27th under the Theme, The Digital Tourism and the Digital Transformation.