Priest in Gulu blames Government for ignoring drought problems in Karamoja

A catholic priest in Gulu town has attacked government over its failure to address drought and its adverse effects for many years.

Reverend Father Erick Uma, the parish priest of Holy Rosary Catholic Parish, says the government is acting dead by not rising up to mitigate the effects of drought among citizens for far too long.

Preaching during the morning mass at Holy Rosary Church on Sunday, Father Uma said the government of President Yoweri Museveni has failed to address drought and famine in the Karamoja region for thirty long years leading to tremendous death of many people.

“How can a government that has been in power for over thirty years fail to address the problems of drought and famine yet you claim you are working?” he questioned.

“This is a dead government that should not be voted again in power. You the people of Uganda have been voting blindly for thirty years,” he stressed with confidence in his voice as the congregation cheered.

Father Uma said the poor state of roads, education, health and electricity sectors should have been improved years ago to show good signs of development.

He also criticised politicians at local government levels for what he called failure to address critical issues affecting the local people.

The priest then charged that the people of Uganda want change before accusing Christians of indulging in commercial sex for money.

Father Uma asked the congregation to turn to the church and follow the lives of Christ who showed love and trust for his people.

The accusations come as government put the number of people facing hunger as a result of drought at 1.5 million.