Relatives of arrested NUP members gather at Masaka court, demand for their loved ones’ freedom

By Sania Babirye

Relatives of Over 90 National Unity platform party supporters have camped at the gates of Masaka court in hope of having their loved ones back.

The group including Bobiwine’s body guard Eddie Mutwe and confidant Nubian Li were arrested in Kalangala were Bobiwine had gone for his campaigns before the military whisked him off from the Island and flew him back to his home in Magere in their chopper.

Kalungu East MP Sewungu Gibzanga who is at the court has told the relatives to remain calm and not provoke security from again turning their weapons to the relatives.

Sewungu informed the desperate relatives that security officials are looking for any opportunity to fire tear gas and bullets to them and that they should not do anything that will give them the said opportune yet they want to get their supporters out.

Security remains tight at the court premises and all those allowed to enter the court premises are being checked before being allowed in.

Meanwhile 25 of those will be arraigned before Kalangala court and NUP lawyers are stationed at both courts.