Salva Kiir resolves to cut administrative areas to three

By Gloria Nakiyimba

After reverting the country from 32 states to 10 states and three administrative areas, the government of South Sudan says they are now waiting to see what the opposition has to offer.

On the 14th of February this year the government of South Sudan led by President Salva Kiir to the surprise of many resolved to return the country to ten states and three administrative areas.

These are Abyei Administrative Area, Ruweng Administrative area, and Greater Pibor administrative area.
While making the announcement president Salva Kiir however noted that “the insistent demand to return the country to 10 states is a strategy of the people who do not wish us good but more suffering”.

South Sudan’s Ambassador to Uganda Simon DUKU Michael says the decision taken by President Salva Kiir was a tough one but a compromise had to be reached in the interest of peace.

“Here we are to the surprise of most us of all, a decision was taken, a bold one and tough one in the interest of peace, hence it shows you that we are for peace, we are not war mongers, and this as compromise by the ruling party SPLM in government with regard to implementation of peace in the Republic of South Sudan” he said.
Ambassador Duku made the remarks while addressing the media in Kampala.

On the issue of security, Ambassador Duku is positive that there is enough security to protect the incoming opposition into the government.

According to him they have a total of 44,880 members of the unified forces who have so far undergone training for the same purpose to allay fears of the opposition led by Riak Machar that the country did not have enough security for him and his group.