Security guards attacked by gangs with machetes

By Robert Segawa

Two security guards working with New Uganda Securiko Ltd in Mubende district are nursing grave injuries after they were attacked by robbers armed with hummers and machetes.

A gang of six thugs dressed up in black overalls are reported to have attacked Aponye Uganda Ltd a produce factory in Bakijulula village Southern division Mubende municipality with the aim of robbing money.

Norbert Ochom the Wamala regional police spokesperson says the thugs armed with hammers badly injured two security guards and robbed their gun loaded with four rounds of ammunition, mobile phones and one ATM card. The victims are Umar Ramadan a night watchman and Amuza Bagada a security guard with with New Uganda securiko Ltd.

Ochom however added that the thugs’ effort to Break into the factory strong room to steal money was disrupted by another security guard identified as Robert Mwesigwa who escaped during the attack.
He notes that police visited the scene and is pursuing the attackers with the view of apprehending them to face law.