Self medication escalating cases of blindness in Uganda

By Phiona Namutebi

Eye Experts have asked the government to allocate more eye health centers in rural areas in a movement of preventing the spread of eye infections.

While speaking to capital radio, Mercy Ndinyo an Optometrist at Lapaire Glasses Clinic in Kamwokya says, some people in villages get infected with eye diseases but run to traditional doctors for treatment due to lack of eye health facilities.

Ndinyo adds that this is so dangerous because it worsens the state of the eyes. She urges government to consider providing more health centers in villages.

Eye Specialists also singled out eye self-medication as one of the major causes of blindness to people in Uganda.

Ndinyo explains that when people get eye problems they opt to self medicate mostly with eye drops from pharmacies and use them without even going for check-up.

However, Ndinyo advises people to always go for eye check-ups even when they don’t have any eye problem so that they are given guidelines by an eye expert on how they can protect their eyes from getting infections.