Senior Five student stoned to death in rival school attacks

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kabale District are investigating circumstances under which a S.5 student of Kigezi High School was killed after he was hit by a stone or blunt object.

Kigezi Region Police Spokesman Elly Maate told journalist that the student identified as Bakashaba Rogers was in a group of rowdy students of Kigezi High School who sneaked from their premises at Rugarama Hill in Kabale Municipality and attacked Nyabikoni SSS about 5 kms away but were instead overpowered and a bitter fight ensued.

Matte said that the deceased is suspected to have been hit by a blunt object that shattered his his head and died instantly about 50 meters away from Nyabikoni SSS where the fight took place .

Maate said that the reasons for Kigezi students who were armed with sticks , stones and bricks are not yet known and 28 of them have been arrested to help in investigations.

“When the boy was hit with a blunt object which is suspected to be a stone, he fell down and bled profusely and by the time the police arrived , he was already dead” Maate said.

Maate said that a case has been registered at Kabale Police Station under reference number SD 34/09/06/2019 to help in Investigation and the arrested students will be held individually for their actions.

Kigezi High School is reported to have spent two weeks without a head teacher and the deputy and the chairman board of governors who resigned recently.

Parents are urging former students including Prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda , Hon David Bahati and Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye to intervene and save the situation and save the school from collapsing.