Seven arrested for printing fake notes

By Robert Segawa
Police have revealed they have detained seven suspects who were arrested in an intelligence led operation which was conducted on criminal gangs involved in printing and dealing of counter feint currency notes.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson noted that the operation which was conducted by their crime intelligence department was based on surveillance where they were following four criminal gangs dealing in counter feint currency notes for the last two months

While addressing news conference at Police headquarters Naguru, Fred Enanga noted that the operations were conducted in different areas of Kampala which includes Cham Towers in city Center, Crystay Valley Hotel in Mengo and other places that includes Nsambya and Mpererwe

Enanga says that among the seven suspects arrested include four Cameroonian international fraudster known in Mexico, Nigeria, Austria , who had forged documents and were found in possession of fake dollars, Black dollars and the chemicals they were using.

Enanga also says that other suspects includes one Mugume Wilson alias Mugisha who was arrested from Crystal valley Hotel in Mengo, Behangana Geoffrey alias Kazungu who was arrested from Nsambya and the other is a female suspect identified as Nakiggudde Amina a resident of Mpererwe Kanyanya and was arrested with her counter part one Masagazi Tom a boda boda rider Working at Mini price who was helping her in transportation and distribution of counter notes

Enanga noted that all the suspects were found in possession of counter notes of Fake dollars, Fake shillings, black dollars, black shillings and chemicals they use in printing the Money

He says that they have been targeting small retail business shops in major towns in the country.

Enanga adds that the suspects will be charged with various cases that ranges from Forgery, duplication and illegal stay in the country