What more Men and Women ought to learn.

In Summary
  • Lucky said that men should learn how to keep in shape
  • Keeping in shape attracts women the way it attracts men
  • Gaetano asked women to always learn to be patient

Today Lucky and Gaetano had a conversation about things men and women should learn more often and according to Lucky men should continue learning how to work out to keep their bodies in shape. Sometimes they go out of shape and never bother adding that this is so unattractive and also they should work out for the good of their health.

She further added that women should stop putting up with that hurt  and talk to your men about it.


Gaetano noted that women should learn to be patient with their men saying that women quickly judge them forgetting that they go through a lot, Lucky disagreed with him explaining that women should always speak out when they are  hurt not just keeping quiet and being patient.