Stop abusing children's rights in the name of disciplining them -G&L

In Summary
  • Parents should avoid disciplining children when they are too angry.
  • Parents should find ways of disciplining children without lessening their dignity
Image: Bright Baba

The closure of schools due to Covid19 has resulted into many cases of child abuse and this seen in videos that have gone viral on social media, parents, care takers and guardians keep abusing children’s rights in the name of disciplining them which ends up affecting their social life when they grow up.

Lucky revealed that the policy of parents psychologically hurting  children through  telling them abusive words is not right adding that those words always stay in children’s minds which limits their self-esteem adding that they even fail to associate with others.


Gaetano said that there is a thin line between disciplining children and child abuse adding that parents and caretakers should learn to punish children carefully without necessarily having to hurt them.

According to Demon Wamara the  Executive Director for Uganda Child Rights Network  a non-governmental organization that advocates for children’s rights, parents should  always first calm down before disciplining children explaining that  that’s the only way they can  discipline them without abusing their rights.

Wamara added that it’s not that parents shouldn’t discipline children, they should, but in ways that do not lessen their dignity or their self-esteem.