School Children should be left to Keep their Natural Hair.

In Summary
  • Grown natural hair doesn't affect the girl's education
  • Schools should give girls an option to either cut it or stay with it
Lucky Mbabazi

As schools prepare to reopen come January 2022, many students in primary and secondary schools have grown their natural hair due to a long stay at home, some of them are so used to living with it and are not willing to cut it off even when they go back to school.

It’s on this ground that Gaetano and Lucky based the discussion on whether schools should go on with the policy of forcing pupils and students to cut off their grown natural hair.

According to Lucky,students studying with their grown natural hair doesn’t affect their education noting that forcing them to cut it off  even psychologically affects them, she suggested that schools should give students an option, if one wants to cut it off, they cut it off, if they want to stay with it, they stay with it for as long as they are willing to take care of it.

Gaetano Kagwa

Gaetano agreed with her saying that students having their grown natural hair in school is not bad adding that it even makes them appreciate the fact that they are Africans  therefore schools should allow them study with it.