Girls who conceived should be given a second chance to study

In Summary
  • They made a mistake but they have a right to study
  • denying them education will worsen their future

Amidst the two years of school closure in a move geared towards the prevention of the spread of covid19, learners engaged in several activities and unfortunately some girls conceived.

The Ministry of Education and Sports had asked schools to allow young girls who got pregnant during the lock down and those that are breast feeding to go on with their studies but Bishop James Ssebagala of Mukono diocese says otherwise and came out and directed teachers in the Church of Uganda founded schools to block pregnant and breast feeding girls from their institutions which created a lot of mixed reactions in the public.

The Bishop further said its not morally right to allow the pregnant teenagers to sit in classes with other pupils saying it would affect them.

In his submission Gaetano said that its true these girls made a mistake of getting pregnant but again ,they have a right to study and added that denying them education will instead worsen their future. 

The show producer Bright agreed with Gaetano that its true that the girls made a mistake but some of them conceived unwillingly, some were raped adding that they should be given a second chance.