Shumuk charged with forgery of documents defrauding Bonny Katatumba

By Sania Babirye

A Kampala businessman Mukesh Shukla commonly known as Shumuk has been charged before Buganda Road Court with charges relating to forgery of documents with an intention of defrauding the late Pakistan Consulate to Uganda; Bonny Katatumba of his Hotel Diplomate situated at Muyenga -a Kampala Surberb.

Mukesh; who is the Chief Executive Director of Shumuk Aluminium industries Ltd spent a night at Jinja Road police station having been arrested yesterday on allegations of forging a letter and signatures including that of George Karyegira; the head of security in the office of the Justice justice Bart Katureebe.

Mukesh allegedly in 2017 uttered the said documents/letters to Makindye Cheif magistrates court purporting it was a proof of the official hand over of Hotel Diplomat to him by the owner Bonny Katutumba, his sons and daughters whereas not.

He has however pleaded not guilty to the 13 counts before Grade one magistrate Stellah Amabilisi and who has granted him a cash bail of 3 million shillings having presented 3 sureties who are his longtime business friends that court has also found substantial enough to compel his return to court on the 26th/November 2018.