Six babies born at Lubaga hospital pass on after a day

By Robert Segawa

Doctors and patients in Lubaga hospital were left in shock after six babies born at the same time on Tuesday at the hospital have passed on.

The deceased belong to 24 year old Haula Namakula Katende of Mpigi who had gone for antenatal check up in Lubaga hospital.

Namakula adds that she’s feeling a fever and decided to visit the hospital as the pregnancy was 7 and half old.

According to Jalia Nakazibwe the mother to Namakula the babies were under wait as each weigh less than kg.

Nakazibwe adds that the father of the deceased also a husband to Namakula ,Hussein Walusimbi 33 year old had gone for greener pastures in United Arab Emirates.

The babies were four boys and 2 girls.

According to the sources incubators at Rubaga hospital were occupied, and decided to take them to Mulago hospital where they died from.