Special hire driver killer sent to jail for 50 years

By Sania Babirye

A Kampala resident and also shoe repair who murdered a special hire driver and later robbed him of his motor vehicle in 2016has been jailed 50 years.

This is after Masaka high court judge Nabisinde Wilfred found 30 year old Kasekende Ibrahim guilty of murder and aggravated robbery.

The victim was identified as Musa Mukasa .

Kasekende and together with a one Yasin Lukyamuzi hired Mukasa on the 24th of July 2016 from Kampala to Kalungu.

These had claimed that they were traveling to go see their relatives but when they reached Lukaya just like other special hire killer’s, these two also asked Mukasa to stop so that they can ease themselves.

When he stopped, they then strangled him to death and took off with his ipsum car and dumped his body at Maguluka Kabale in Kalungu district.

They had asked for leniency claiming to be first time offender who are remorseful, However, the judge ruled that they committed a capital offense bu brutally killing the victim and needed a deterrent sentences.

The convict was arrested after he was caught in Bukomasimbi trying to sell the deceased’s car.