Ssekikubo case against LDC referred for mediation

Hearing of a case in which Lwemiyaga county MP Theodore Sekikubo is suing the  Law Development center(LDC) for excluding him from the concluded April graduation  has been referred for mediation.
The case had come up today for Hearing, however high court Justice Henerrieta Wolayo instead ordered both parties  to use the mediation process to reach a peaceful out of court settlement and also saves courts time from a possible  long public case hearing.
However Justice Wolayo has  not  appointed a  mediation Judge on grounds that she will need the LDC to first present documents from the director of LDC and the marking guidelines they used  for the 26th April graduates by this coming  Monday.
In his application Ssekikubo wants court to rule that LDC erred by not allowing him to graduate and also wants court to order LDC to give him his transcript.
 On the 26th of April, Deputy Registrar in- charge of civil  matters Sarah Langa oked the graduation ceremony to take place  in  which over 1302  students were awarded their law practicing certificates, dismissing Ssekikubo’s application for an injunction.
While dismissing the application the Deputy registrar ruled that it would not be fair to stop the graduation ceremony because it would  mean that court  endorsed  an illegality by ordering that Sekikuubo is included on the graduation list  yet  he failed an exam adding that two wrongs do not make a right.
She there for advised Ssekikubo to pursue his main case  and table evidence before court  to prove that the 1302 graduation list contained students who failed just like him.
He contends that even though he  failed one paper ; corporate and Financial practice  in which he scored 37%, it’s discriminatory for the LDC Management committee to allow other 201 to  graduate and leave him out  without a justifiable reason .
The case been adjourned to the 3rd of July 2018.