Sugar manufacturers pledge not to sell sugar at more than 5000UGX

By Wasswa Deo

Sugar manufacturers have pointed out  that a prolonged drought  that lasted for over 9 months is the main cause of sugar shortage in the country.

They add that increasing regional demand caused by a gap over 300, 000Metric Tones and 40,000Metric Tones in Kenya and in Rwanda respectively a major causes of increase of sugar price country wide.

This gap led the two countries to import a lot of  sugar from Uganda sugar factories. The demand also led to harvesting of immature sugar canes.

This was revealed by the sugar manufacturers and distributors in the meeting organized by the Trade ministry.

In the meeting, distributors have pledged not to sell Sugar above UGX 5,000 per kilo if sufficient minimum supplies are maintained

Kakira sugar has also pledged to resume normal production  and postponed its regular maintenance.

Lugazi sugar works has also agreed to postpone its maintenance program from June to October 2017 so that normal sugar production is maintained.

Minister Kyambadde noted that the Ministry will continue to monitor sugar supply stocks from millers, distributors and retailers to ensure that the retail price of sugar does not exceed UGX 5,000 per kilogram.