DP, People power reveal plans to front single presidential candidate

By Robert Segawa
The Opposition Democratic party and People power pressure group have revealed that they have plans to engage Forum for Democratic Change and Dr Kiiza Besigye with the aim of fielding a single candidate topple dictator president Yoweri Museveni from power.

Dr Abed Bwanika a member of the opposition DP told the media today at DP offices in Kampala that failure by FDC to work with other opposition parties does not help Ugandans who are yearning for change.

Bwanika says Dr Kiiza Besigye and FDC have been given many chances but failing to deliver victories adding that its time to join other opposition parties to field joint candidates from all levels including one presidential candidate and single members of Parliament in area’s each party has a majority support.

He adds that the DP will front Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Hon Nobert Mao and urged FDC to bring its candidate such that a single candidate can be chosen by all opposition team to vote for a better candidate to stand against Museveni in 2021.

Bwanika call’s upon FDC and other political parties that this time the people of Uganda have no space for confusion,no body will confuse them, this time we stand for unity, United front so that we change Museveni’s government.

He further adds that Ugandans this time will know who works for Museveni and his NRM, because it’s now clear when people want to work together for a change and other party officials divert us.

Joyful Abed Bwanika adds that Ugandans will know who stand with them during 2021 campaign to host Museveni from power.

He urged other politicians and other players in DP Bloc to continue reach out to FDC officials at Najjanankumbi, to visit Dr Kiiza Besigye to inform them what people of Uganda wants this time a round.

He further urged DR Besigye to stop blackmailing him that he made a memorandum with the government saying that its Besigye who brought Museveni into power.

During the same press conference Democratic party has cautioned Ugandan citizens to continue mounting pressure on their leaders for the better change of the country as we near the general elections 2021.

The call has been sounded by the DP publicity secretary Kenneth Paul Kakkande during engaging the media at the party offices in Kampala at city house this morning.

Kakande says that political leaders too need to embark on a struggle away from internal wrangles but rather for the betterment of Uganda to see that Ugandans get a change of power on 2021 general election.