Activist Kirabo asks government to check food mobilization and distribution structures

By Deo Wasswa

The slow pace of distributing food to the vulnerable and hungry Ugandans in the on going lock down has been attributed to government’s unpreparedness to address food insecurity across the country.

Agnes Kirabo the Executive Director Food Rights Alliance a civil society organization, says the Covid19 situation is an eye-opener that Uganda government has never had proper food mobilization and distribution structures.

Kirabo notes that government has in the past only focused on food distribution to refugees and never envisaged what happens to its own citizens in a wake of a crisis.

Kirabo, a food rights activist reechoed the unfortunate move of privatization of national food reserves,saying such a move threatens the country’s food security and the entire economy.

She also continues to urge government to learn to reserve food for its population in preparation for unforeseen circumstances like drought.

Kirabo’s comments come after several Ugandans both in rural and urban areas have vehemently expressed urgent demand for food to survive during the Covid19 lock down.

Anti corruption activists charged and remanded

By Sania Babirye
Two out of the Seven youths who were arrested on Monday protesting want they termed as increased corruption in the country have pleaded guilty to the offense of disobeying lawful orders.

Nakiyimba Joan and Faridah Bikobele have appeared before Buganda road Court grade one magistrate Marion Mangeni who read to them the charge before accepting it.

However, their lawyer Eron Kiiza tried to ask the magistrate to read afresh the charge to his clients saying they had not properly understand the offense before pleading guilty.

But the magistrate declined his prayer maintaining that the convicts had properly accepted understanding the charge and chose to plead guilty.

The magistrate however adjourned the matter to the 23rd of January 2020 to rule on an objection by the defense from state to present the alleged exhibits including placards that the accused were carrying stating that they were disappointed with government’s failure to fight corruption.

According to Kiiza, star can not present evidence since the two had accepted the charge and that state can only present the alleged evidence when court starts hearing the case against the five remaining suspects who denied the offense.

Prosecution states that on the 13th of January 2020 at Entebbe road, in Kampala district, the suspects disobeyed lawful orders including section 5 and 10 of the 2013 public order management act by engaging in an illegal protest without notifying police.

Evidence further shows that the group was dressed in black with placards with writings” real anti corruption walk, black Friday” and when police led by the police officer in charge of operations at CPS Kampala Officer Ivan, to stop their protest and allow other road users to go on with their daily businesses, they declined leading to their arrests.

The group is said to have been detected by police from a CCTV footage showing them protesting which prompted police to swing into action and foil the said illegal protest.

The other suspects who pleaded not guilty to the said charge include Muzamiru Yiga, Ssemwanga Jackson, Ngoobi Saadi, Kemigisha Sharon and a one Ferdinand.

Meanwhile other 8 suspects who appeared before chief magistrate Stella Amabilisi have also further been remanded until the 28th of this month.