Fezah creates new advert monitoring app

Fezah Uganda, an entertainment’s booking platform, has launched its market intelligence Application to facilitate the growth of music industry in the country.

Starting July, 1st, the Uganda performing rights association will be using this technology to accurately determine how much to pay out to each musician depending on number of times their music are played on air.

The application is designed in a way that it can monitor and notify musicians every time their music is played on radio in real time.

According to Elijah Kitaka, Fezah App director, the innovation also aims to create the accountability in the media and entertainment industry.

Fezah Uganda is currently has 300 registered musicians and Djs and is targeting to have over 500 artists by closure of this years.

The App also notifies advertisers every time their advert is played on radio in real time and provides detailed reports.

Kamoga’s bail hearing date set

By Sania Babirye
The Court of Appeal has set 18th of May 2018 to rule on the bail application filed by the convicted a d jailed for life  Tabliq muslim sect leader Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga.
This is after justice Christopher Madrama concluded hearing of the bail application this afternoon in which 66 year old Sheikh  Kamoga wants to be temporally released pending hearing if his appeal in which he is challenging both his conviction and life sentence on verbal terrorism charges.
His lawyer Roberts Kagolo has told court that his client is  of an advanced age of 66 and needs special palliative care for severe Hypertension,  Ulcers and gross obesity which can expose him to cardiac complications.
Kagolo further submitted that  has added that those conditions can not be managed by Luzira prison and there is  a likely hood of delay in the court of Appeal to dispose off his client’s appeal because the courts arr too busy.
Kagolo also claims that says his client’s appeal has a high chance  of succeeding because  state failed to place him at the murder scenes of both since none  of the prosecution witnesses placed  his client at the scenes of murder of the 2 sheikhs; Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan Kirya  and therefore its fair and just  to temporarily release Kamoga  from prison.
Sheikh Kamoga has presented 7 surities including Former Makindye west MP Hajji Hussein Kyanjo, Imam  Iddi Kasozi a lecturer at IUIU, Sheikh Suleman Kakeeto a Muslim scholar and a one Musa Nanfumb his brother  as an assurance that he will return back to court and prosecute his appeal .
However the DPP through state attorney Lillian Omara has opposed Kamoga ‘s bail application on grounds that his old age can not withstand prison conditions, there is a likely hood that the sheikh will abscond because he is charged with a grade offense and he is serving a grave a punishment .
The bail application comes  after Kamoga challenged both his terrorism conviction and life time imprisonment that was handed to  him by the international crimes division of the high court in july 2017

In July 2017, three justices of the international crimes division of the high court led by justice Eziekel Muhanguzi setenced Kamoga and 5 others to life imprisonment and 30 years in Luzira prison after convicting each of them of verbal terrorism.

The group was however acquitted of murdering rival sheikhs Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan