Nadduli condemns the way army is brutalizing masses

By Alice Lubwama

The   minister without port-folio Abdul Nadduli has praised Kyadodndo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi for his slogan people’s power because it’s within the constitution but advised him to form a
political party which he can use to push for the people’s demands.

While addressing journalists in Kampala today, Naduli said Kyagulanyi‘s slogan should not be looked at as a threat to government because power belongs to the people according to the constitution.

‘The constitution says the power belongs to people, so when I criticize Bobi wine on that, am criticizing the constitution.  The slogan is right but the deeds are poor, let him go back and get another avenue to pass his demands to the people,  very many political parties are mushrooming do you see them being beaten.” Naduli said.

The minister has also condemned the army for brutalizing journalists and the opposition saying these are not enemies of the state.

The said that the ones whom the state thinks to be its enemies are not the ones but those army officers who are torturing the masses.

He has asked the president to investigate the motive of the security officers behind the torturing of the people because they could be fighting against the government.

Gen. Gutti sworn in as head of Court martial

Lt.General Andrew Gutti has been sworn in today for another one year term as head of the General court martial .

The sworn in Ceremony has been presided over by new Judge advocate  col.Tukacungura Richard at the army court sitting  in Makindye.
Lt.Gen. Gutti  will embark on his new and last term after being recently re appointed by President Museveni to head the army court after his term in office expired in June this year.
Lt.Gutti was also sworn in along other 10 members  including  Col.Tukacungura who replaced Col. Gidion Katinda as the judge advocate, Major.Henry Serugo,Capt.Teopista Opal and Capt.Paul Mugerwa among others.
These vowed to be object, Impartial and discret in their line of duty.
After being sworn in,the group began doing their work ny hearing caes involving both civilians and soldiers after being on recess for one month which put all cases on hold.

Kitata challenges army court trials

By Sania Babirye
Troubled leader of the now defunct   Boda-Boda 2010 Abdullah Kitata who is charged with unlawfully possessing fire arms and army uniforms has challenged his trial by the Army court.
Kitata has filed an application  before the Highcourt  in which he wants court to declare that the General court martial sitting in Makindye is illegally trying him.
In his application , Kitata is suing not only the army court but also it’s registrar John Bizimana, Judge Advocate Gideon Katinda, the Army prosecutors ,  the Attorney Genaral and the Director of Public Prosecutions.
He accuses the plaintiffs of  violating his fundamental rights by trying him in the army court yet he is not a soldier.
 According to Kitata, high court should declare his trial null and void on grounds that the army court has no powers to try him since he is not an army officer but a civilian.
He says that in that regard it should be the high court with jurisdiction  to try him and wants an order also transferring his case to either a magistrate or criminal division of  the high court.
This application  comes after the army court last week commenced his trial in which his alleged three guns, 15 bullets and army uniforms were exhibited in court as evidence to prove the charges against him.
The same court also denied Kitata’s bail application on grounds that he is likely to interfere with witnesses due to his close working relationship with the Uganda Police police and luck of substantial sureties.
The same court also refused Kitata’s request to be transferred transferred from the Makindye military police barracks were he is currently on remand to Luzira prison.
Kitata has been on remand  since February /2018 .
Him and 12 others are charged with  unlawful possession of firearms and Military gear.
Kitata   faces  5   counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols  and 50 rounds of live ammunition that  prosecution states were  found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.
 According to   Prosecution the above items   are  only a monopoly of the UPDF.

Armed groups sexually assaulting young refugees fleeing Congo

By Patricia Osman.
A new assessment by Save the Children has found that 10% of newly arrived children fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo were defiled during their journey to Uganda and 27% assaulted by armed groups.
Johnson Byamukama, Save the Children’s Emergency Response Director in Uganda says the assessment which interviewed 132 refugee children aged 10-17 about their protection and education needs also found that hunger was the biggest issue facing children on their journey affecting 81% while Sickness affected more than 1 in 2 children at 53%.
Byamukama says a lot more needs to be done as the conflict in DRC is one of the world’s forgotten crises.

Gen Katumba asks Somalia to work on building their security apparatus

The Chief of Defence Forces General Edward Katumba Wamala wants Somali leaders to fast-track implementation of security sector reforms and the rebuilding of the national army.

He says this would enable them to effectively take over the country’s security from African Union troops. Gen Katumba made the statement upon his arrival in Mogadishu, Somalia on Monday, for a three-day official visit.

“As you interact politically with whoever will take the chair, this should be among their priority area; to make sure that they address the issue of building their security apparatus,” he told a meeting of senior officials from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The Somali security sector reforms which are in line with AMISOM’s revised Concept of Operations (CONOPs) and its exit strategy are aimed at building the capacity of Somali National Security Forces to take over the security of the country, when AMISOM troops begin drawing down in 2018.

Gen Wamala praised the implementation of the quick-impact projects (QUIPs) by AMISOM, describing it is a big asset for the mission in its efforts to provide essential services to populations liberated from Al-Shabaab rule.

Lt. Gen. Osman Noor Soubagleh, the AMISOM Force Commander said AMISOM troops continue to jointly conduct offensive and defensive operations aimed at improving the security situation in Somalia.

“The security situation in Mogadishu city has improved significantly, the city being a strategic value for the seat of power, with a high population density, good infrastructure and good for political and economic activities. Therefore the center of gravity plays an important role for the stabilization of Somalia,” Lt. Gen. Soubagleh said.

Gen. Wamala also held a meeting with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Somalia, Michael Keating.

During the meeting, Lydia Wanyoto, the Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DSRCC) updated Gen Wamala on the ongoing electoral process in the country and the security arrangements in place to ensure a smooth transition of power.

“We are doing everything it takes to ensure that we give the support and that our offices are open 24/7 for supporting the troops for which your country contributes,” Hon. Wanyoto stated.

Earlier, military officers from AMISOM Sector One, briefed Gen Wamala on the security situation in Lower Shabelle and Banaadir regions, which fall under the AMISOM Ugandan contingent’s area of responsibility.





Army boss dismisses arrest claims

UPDF boss General Katumba Wamala has dismissed claims that he has been arrested . Earlier today there were claims making rounds on social media that Gen Katumba  has been arrested.

He says there is no reason for him to be arrested  and has called them false alarms that are causing unnecessary excitement among Ugandans.

Katumba adds that he is in office and working to maintain security during this period in the country.