Security officer named in BOU scandal granted bail

By Sania Babirye

One of the security officials from Bank of Uganda who was charged with neglecting her duties has been granted bail by City hall court.

Grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna has offered Beatrice Kyambade to pay 500, 000 in cash and report back to court on the 14th of January 2019, to know the status of their case’s investigations.
However her co accused Charles Mollo could not be granted bail because he was not produced in court by Luzira prison authorities.
The prison officers have informed grade one magistrate Beatrice Kainza that they were ordered to produce Mollo in court tomorrow the 11th of December 2018.

The duo were charged and remanded to Luzira prison this week after they were arrested on Thursday last week on the orders of the parliamentary committee on commissions, statutory Authorities and state enterprises in relation to the disappearance of some documents of the closed commercial banks.

The committee faulted them on how they failed to explain how the alleged crucial documents in related to the closed and liquidated banks disappeared from Bank of Uganda they were guarding.

Prosecution states that the two suspects being charged with the duty of manning security at the Central Bank, neglected their duties to search people and bags that are coming in and getting out of the Bank hence leading to the disappearance of vital documents regarding the closure and sale of several banks .

The disappeared documents relates to the sale and liquidation of several banks including International Credit Bank, Cooperative bank and , Greenland Bank.

According to documents before court, Kyambadde committed the offense on 10th of February 2015 while Moro committed his in March 2018 at Bank of Uganda.

Woman who threatened to hit the president denied bail

By  Sania Babirye
Susan Namata  a woman who was on Wednesday  charged and remanded to Luzira prison on charges  relating to insulting the person and privacy  of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  has failed to secure bail today before Buganda Road Court .
 This is because police at CPS did not forward Namata’s file to court to enable State prosecutor Miriam Njuki ably respond to her bail application.
 Consequently trial Grade one magistrate Stellah Maris Amabilis has further remanded Namata to Luzira prison until the 20th/November 2018.
 Even though Namata had secured an advocate Isaac Ssemakadde  to present her bail application, court did not listen to him because he had  presented no  proof of practicing certificate to show that he is indeed an enrolled advocate .
 This has angered Ssemakadde and promised to take up the matter with the Chief justice and the DPP.
 Namata   a resident of Najeera in Kiira Municipality – Wakiso district  is  facing  2 counts ; cyber harassment and offensive communication which she yesterday  denied knowledge of .
 It’s alleged that in August 2018 within Kampala and Wakiso districts  during protests to free  the Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka “Bobi Wine from Makindye Military police barracks ;
Namata with others still at large used  a computer  to record a video in which they used obscene words to  insult the person of the president  and threatened to throw their genitals  in his teeth   if he doesn’t order for Bobi Wine’s release .
According to the charge sheet ” Namata Susan and others during the month of August 2018 in Kampala and Wakiso districts used their computers to record and transmit videos  wherein they made suggestions or proposals  referring His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  as “buttocks”,  “feaces” and threatened to hit their vaginas in his teeth which suggestions or proposals are obscene,  lewd, or indecent”
 That Namata  willfully and repeatedly uploaded and distributed  her obscene  video   on What’s App  which according to prosecution disturbed the peace and privacy  of the president.
 Namata was on 27th/  August  / 2018   tracked down by officers  at CPS using her phone contact  and brought to book.

Kamoga’s bail hearing date set

By Sania Babirye
The Court of Appeal has set 18th of May 2018 to rule on the bail application filed by the convicted a d jailed for life  Tabliq muslim sect leader Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga.
This is after justice Christopher Madrama concluded hearing of the bail application this afternoon in which 66 year old Sheikh  Kamoga wants to be temporally released pending hearing if his appeal in which he is challenging both his conviction and life sentence on verbal terrorism charges.
His lawyer Roberts Kagolo has told court that his client is  of an advanced age of 66 and needs special palliative care for severe Hypertension,  Ulcers and gross obesity which can expose him to cardiac complications.
Kagolo further submitted that  has added that those conditions can not be managed by Luzira prison and there is  a likely hood of delay in the court of Appeal to dispose off his client’s appeal because the courts arr too busy.
Kagolo also claims that says his client’s appeal has a high chance  of succeeding because  state failed to place him at the murder scenes of both since none  of the prosecution witnesses placed  his client at the scenes of murder of the 2 sheikhs; Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan Kirya  and therefore its fair and just  to temporarily release Kamoga  from prison.
Sheikh Kamoga has presented 7 surities including Former Makindye west MP Hajji Hussein Kyanjo, Imam  Iddi Kasozi a lecturer at IUIU, Sheikh Suleman Kakeeto a Muslim scholar and a one Musa Nanfumb his brother  as an assurance that he will return back to court and prosecute his appeal .
However the DPP through state attorney Lillian Omara has opposed Kamoga ‘s bail application on grounds that his old age can not withstand prison conditions, there is a likely hood that the sheikh will abscond because he is charged with a grade offense and he is serving a grave a punishment .
The bail application comes  after Kamoga challenged both his terrorism conviction and life time imprisonment that was handed to  him by the international crimes division of the high court in july 2017

In July 2017, three justices of the international crimes division of the high court led by justice Eziekel Muhanguzi setenced Kamoga and 5 others to life imprisonment and 30 years in Luzira prison after convicting each of them of verbal terrorism.

The group was however acquitted of murdering rival sheikhs Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan

Traders accused of assaulting KCCA officer granted bail

By Sania Babirye

City hall grade one magistrate Beatrice Kainza  granted a 200,000U shillings each  cash bail to  Nine traders from Usafi market  who are charged with assaulting KCCA law enforcement officers while on duty this month.

These were charged and remanded to Luzira prison on the 13th of this month after they pleaded not guilty to the offenses.
They have been ordered to return back to court on the 16th of May 2018 as investigations into the case continues.
Prosecution states that on the 13th of this month while at Usafi market the group led by 50year old Peter Simulema threw stones at  law enforcement officer while on duty.

Court grants suspects of the Finnish national murder bail

By Sania Babirye
Buganda Road Court  chief Magistrate James Ereemye Mawanda has granted five murder suspects bail.
The five are charged with causing the  death of a Finnish national at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero within Kampala city.
 Four of the suspects have been ordered to deposit  ten million shillings each  in cash while a one Caroline Alinda  has been released on a  court bond of ten million shilling.
The magistrate observed that Caroline was pregnant and it would be unfair to keep her in prison due to her delicate condition on top of not being able to raise the 10 million in cash.
These will return to court on the 24th of April 2017 when court will start hearing the case.
Thomas Juha Petteri Terasvouri  was found lying dead in his hotel room atc Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero within Kampala and a postmortem report showed that he died as a result of drugs found in his body.
On the 22nd of March five people including  a senior intelligence officer with  the Internal Security Organisation(ISO) Appollo Kyabagye ,   Fatuma Kabagambe , a one Caroline Alinda , a special hire driver Nasif Walusimbi and  the deceased’s  girlfriend ; Faridah Naggayi  were arrested and charged with manslaughter , forgery , trafficking in drugs and conspiracy to commit a felony .
Prosecution states  that on the 6thth of February 2018 at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero , the five are said to have connived to kill Thomas Juha Petteri Terasvouri  by  allegedly  administering  narcotics  to him which they  sneaked  into his hotel room  but they deny all  the charges.
These are also charged with forging a  letter purporting to have  been written and signed by  ISO Director General, Col.Kaka Bagyenda whereas not.

Telecom company employees charged with fraud granted bail

The two MTN employees charged for attempting to defraud Members of Parliament have been granted bail.

Twenty nine-year-old Kigenyi Nasser, a service advisor with MTN Uganda and Magembe Henry 37, a salesman have today been granted a cash bail of three million shillings each and ten million shillings non-cash bail to the six sureties, three standing in for each of the suspects.

The Bail application was granted basing on the substantial sureties presented in court. The sureties standing in for Kigenyi include his wife Aliba Ritah, Nantale Hasfah, a sister and Isabirye Saleh, a teacher at Kakungube Senior Secondary School Mubende.

Those standing in for Magembe are his three brothers Kenneth Magembe, a senior structural Engineer, Musazi Micheal, a head teacher at Agha Khan School and Mugerwa Dauda, a resident of Nabweru South on Nansana Municipality.

The suspects face nine counts including electronic fraud, unauthorised obstruction of simcards contrary to section 16 of the Computer Misuse Act. State prosecutor Viola Tusingwire told court investigations are still ongoing.

Prosecution told Bugabda Road Chief Magistrates Court that in February this year, the suspects conspired to defraud State Minister for Lands Persis Namuganza, State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibazanga, Western Youth Member of Parliament Mwine Mpaka and businesswoman Mercy Kyakunda.

The suspects allegedly swapped simcards belonging to different Members of Parliament with intention of securing unfair monetary gains.

The suspects return in court on April 17 for mention of their case.



Police officers accused of kidnap have been released on bail

By Sania Babirye
The General Court Martial at Makindye has released on bail  three [3] out of the seven[7] jailed  police officers battling kidnap charges.
A panel of seven members of  the Court Martial  chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti has released D/CPL Amon Kwarisima , SPC Faisal Katende and D/ASP James Magada  on grounds that the  junior ranking  officers  can neither interfere with  on-going CMI investigations nor threaten prosecution witnesses.
 The three officers have been released on a non cash bond of ten million shillings each while  their sureties  entered  non  cash bond  of 5 million shillings each.
 The bailed officers must also report to the registrar of the General court Martial twice  every  month and ordered not to  travel out of Kampala without permission from  court.
 Court warned that failure to abide by the above conditions will automatically lead to cancellation of bail.
The seven men are facing charges of kidnap of  three Rwandese nationals and unlawfully conveying  them to their country against their will.
Other suspects Joel Aguma,   Nixon Agasirwe ,  Benon Atwebembeirwe and Abel Tumukunde  have been remanded back to Luzira prison and Makindye military police barracks respectively until the 5th/February/2028  as CMI continues with investigations.

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga applies for bail siting old age and deteriorating health

By Sania Babirye

The convicted and jailed  Tabliq sect leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga has applied  for bail  before the Court of Appeal.

The bail application comes  after Kamoga challenged both his terrorism conviction and life time imprisonment that was handed to  him by the international crimes division of the high court in July this year.

Through his lawyers of Muwema and company advocates, Kamoga says he is of advanced  age of more than 60 years and has several ailments including Ulcers and High blood pressure making his health  not suitable for prison  conditions.

In July this year, three justices of the international crimes division of the high court led by justice Eziekel Muhanguzi sentenced Kamoga and 5 others to life imprisonment and 30 years in Luzira prison after convicting each of them of verbal terrorism.

The group was however acquitted of murdering rival sheikhs Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan Kirya due to lack of evidence.

The group has since then challenged both their convictions and sentences in the court of appeal saying they were harsh and excessive .

Kamoga’s bail application however comes at a time when state prosecutors under the DPP resumed their strike over poor pay and poor working conditions.

Kanyamunyu applies for Bail for the forth time

By Sania Babirye

Mathew Kanyamunyu Muyogoma who is charged with the murder of Kenneth Akena a social worker at Lugogo in Kampala in 2016 has applied for bail for the fourth time.

This is after his three other bail applications were  declined with the recent being on the 23rd of August this year when high court judge Yasin Nyanzi ruled that he did not have exceptional circumstances including old age and poor health that are the main conditions for bail to be granted.

In the fresh bail application before high court criminal division, Kanyamunyu still claims that bail is his constitutional right and the notion of presumption of innocence until proved  guilty.

When High court Judge Yasin Nyanzi declined to grant him bail he advised him  to apply for bail as many times as possible but under a different judge since circumstances which the judge  based on to deny him bail have never changed since then.

With this new application, the application will either be heard by justice  Wilson Kwesiga or Anglin Ssenoga.

Prosecution   states that  on the 12th of  November 2016 along Jinja High way in Kampala opposite  the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association  (UMA) , with malice a fore thought, Kanyamunyu shot at Kenneth  Akena who later died from Norvik hospital in Kampala.

Akena is said to have accidentally scratched Mathew Kanyamunyu’s  car but when he got out to apologize Mathew Kanyamunyu who was in the car with his girlfriend allegedly pulled out his missing gun and shot him three times in the stomach.

He died at Norvik Hospital where Kanyamunyu who claims to have been trying to save him as a good Samaritan after he was shot had taken him for medication.

Akena  however is said to have left a dying declaration saying he was shot by Kanyamunyu.

Work at standstill as judicial officers continue with their strike

By Sania Babirye

The Judicial Officers strike has entered its second day with many suspects who are on bail stranded at court as they reported for  their bail extensions and case mention .

This morning many suspects who are out on bail returned for their bail extensions only to be informed by clerks in the registry that they did not have any instructions to extend their bail.

This means that suspects who are out on bail are not  subjected to report back  to court until judges return to work  and  set new  bail  dates and case mention .

However some  suspects have improvised with their lawyers by agreeing with prosecutions on which date they should return back to court for mention of their different cases  as the indefinite  strike continues.

 But suspects who are on  remand in Luzira prisons have not been brought to court by prison Authorities.

Some of  the key cases that flopped today include the Corruption case against State Minister for Labour Hebert Kabafunzaki and two others where prosecution led by Barbara Kawuma and his lawyers agreed that they return back to court on tge 11th of September hoping that by then  the judges and magistrates strike would have ended.

It still remains to be seen what will happen to other suspects who are out on bail and have not been  given another date to report back .

This is likely to make many suspects untraceable by fleeing or changing their places of abode.