Kizza Besigye asks Ugandans not to neglect liberation struggle

By Robert Segawa

Former Forum for Democratic Party president also four times presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has rallied Ugandans to participate in the process of liberating themselves.

While addressing the Media at his offices on Katonga road in Kampala, Besigye said that citizens should not leave the liberation struggle to the opposition leaders alone emphasizing that there is need for them to unite and act against oppression they are undergoing.

He further revealed that different forces of change are in talks on how to mobilize Ugandans to unite and fight for their liberty peacefully.

Dr. Besigye also clarified that his plan B is a non violent move though he was misunderstood by the regime thinking it is all about war.

I am not leaving the presidential race- Besigye

By Sania Babirye

Col.Kizza Besigye says he is not ready to leave the race for presidential flag bearer as some members of the public are suggesting .

Besigye says he did not come into the race as a part timer and that until Uganda achieves change , he will never retire from politics.

According to Besigye, everyone is invited in the fight for change on their own and since he brought himself into the struggle,he will leave on his own free will.

He made the remarks while welcoming Erias Lukwago as an FDC member.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat stated that what they have done today will only make the party stronger.

Besigye arrested after failed attempt to meet Kamizingi traders

By Robert Segawa

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested and detained at Nalufenya police station.

Policelearned that the ex FDC president was planning to meet traders and their leaders of Kamizingi market this afternoon so this morning they surrounded Sun Set hotel where he spent the night. Besigye was then arrested as he left the hotel to Kamizingi market.

On Tuesday, Dr. Besigye was arrested and detained at Nalufenya police station after police blocked his planned meeting in Njeru municipality

He was arrested together with former leader of opposition Wafula Ogutu and Bugiri municipality mayor.

FDC vows to continue with regional celebrations

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC ) has vowed to continue with their planned regional fifteen years celebrations in different districts across the country despite being blocked by police earlier on Monday.

Police on Monday blocked party president Patrick Amuriat Obbo from holding celebrations in Soroti and arrested Dr. Kizza Besigye from Jinja on his way to the venue , many of his party followers were also arrested from Mbale.

Patrick Amuriat the party president says that they’ll continue with their celebration programs and will hold their celebration in Western Uganda tomorrow.

He further adds that they will also review what exactly caused the arrests Party members during their activities on Monday.

Besigye vows not to quit the struggle

By Moses Kidandi
Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) founding president Dr. Kiiza Besigye has vowed not to give up the fight against regime change until it is achieved.

Dr. Besigye made the remarks during celebrations to mark FDC’s 15 years of existence held at Mandela National Stadium Namboole.

He says those who are saying his time is up and that he should retire need to know that he is not only fighting for others but for himself as well.

Besigye says he will only retire when the struggle is over or he is no more.

State still investigating Besigye’s treason case three years down the road

By Sania Babirye

The government is still investigating the treason case against the former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye three years after he was charged with the offense.

The charges stem from a video recording that went viral on social media allegedly showing Dr.Besigye swearing in himself as president of the Republic of Uganda in May 2016.

The state says this is illegal as it’s contrary to the known and prescribed legal process through which a person ascends into the office of presidency.

He was consequently arrested, arraigned before Nakawa chief magistrate court, charged with treason and remanded to Luzira prison before he was granted bail by the high court in July 2016.

What is surprising is the fact that while being charged, Besigye told court that he indeed did swear himself in as the President of Uganda because he had evidence that he had won the 2016 Presidential elections.

However, despite his admitting of the said crime, the state told court that they were still investigating the case and failed to close it.

This has always frustrated Dr.Besigye who wondered why state continued to investigating a case hr had accepted from the beginning and in February 2017, the angry opposition politician vowed to never report back to this court until state concluded its alleged investigations.

And today, as usual state prosecutor Apolot Christine informed grade one magistrate Ponsiano Odwori that they needed more time to conclude the ongoing investigations to have him committed to the high court for trial.

However, Dr.Besigye or his lawyers were not present in court forcing the magistrate to issue criminal summons against Dr.Besigye and adjourned the case to the 2nd of July 2019.

on the 20th of march 2017 justice Wilson Kwesiga the head of the high court criminal division ordered Besigye to report only to the magistrate court after Besigye complained that it was too expensive for him to report to two courts including the high court over the same case.

The ruling came after Besigye vowed to never report back to the Nakawa magistrate court until the DPP completed the ongoing investigations into his case and have him committed to the high court for trial.

In February 2017 Besigye declined to ever report back to the Nakawa court for mention of his treason case until the DPP finished his investigations and have him committed for trial in the high court.

Other party leaders speak out of DP coalition

By Robert Segawa
Following the formation of DP Bloc which was sealed by signing the Memorandum of understanding between DP and three other opposition political parties on Thursday, several political players have reacted.

The Democratic party, Social Democratic party ( SDP) , People’s development party ( PDP ) and Truth for justice ( TJ ) leaders appended signatures on an MOU agreeing to work together to strengthen the Democratic Party to lead the cause of Regime change.

Recently the president of SDP Mike Mabike, the president of PDP, Abed Bwanika, Lubega Walter Mukaku of TJ among others announced that they were returning to the Democratic party to be part of it’s rebuilding.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at Hotel Africana in Kampala DP president Nobert Mao announced that DP was no more disunited .
At the function, PDP president Abed Bwanika and Kyadondo East member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine on top of calling for opposition unity attacked opposition player’s particularly the Forum for Democratic change ( FDC) and it’s former presidential candidate Col Dr Kiiza Besigye for working to undermine the opposition unity steering public debate.

The DP Bloc has since suggested the opposition election campaign strategy for 2021 dubbed “One to one model. On top of proposing to field a joint presidential opposition candidate against NRM, the strategy proposes opposition fielding joint candidate at parliamentary and local government levels depending on each parties strength.

Mukono Municipality MP, Hon Betty Nambooze, advised the opposition to desist from waging war against fellow opposition player’s and walk the talk of unity.

She urged the opposition not be diverted from the real enemy of democracy,who is Museveni and NRM and waste time in opposition in fighting.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the opposition chief whip in parliament who doubles as FDC spokesperson, says FDC doesn’t have time to discuss the programs of other opposition player’s but they are concentrating on internal party programs intended at liberating the the country from dictatorship.

Meanwhile the NRM party spokesperson Roger’s Mulindwa disclosed that the opposition can attempt to form the coalition but at a certain point they will disagree

Mulindwa adds that the opposition is struggling to form a coalition against president Museveni and the NRM was a sign that individual players are weak to cause change.

He retaliated that as NRM they are just waiting for the right time to front their candidate and Ugandans will decide.

President of Justice Forum and MP Bugiri municipality, the opposition should stop labeling and smearing each other, but focus at United opposition which many Ugandans are yearning for.

He adds that it’s only United opposition which will deliver victory to Ugandans. He pledged that JEEMA will work with the DP block through constructive engagements along side other opposition player’s to achieve regime change.

The signing ceremony was among others attended by General Mugisha Muntu who is about to launch a new party Alliance for National transformation ( ANT), former DP president Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi who called for unity among the opposition.

Besigye faults LDU recruitment process

By Moses Kidandi
Dr Kiiza Besigye has expressed concerns over planned assassinations that he says have been targeted at pinning the opposition leadership.
While Besigye addressed the media this afternoon  he said the recent shooting of Yasin Kauma the former driver of Kyadondo East member of Parliament Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu was  meant to kill the legislator  in order to implicate  and link Besigye to the killings.
About the recruitment of local defense units, Besigye has asked Parliament to intervene on the mode of recruitment which he says is going to cost tax payers  57 billion.
President Yoweri Museveni ordered for the recruitment of 24000 LDUs  in three districts of Mukono,Kampala and Wakiso which Besigye says is illegal.

Besigye explains that recruitment for village protection  is supposed to be conducted at village level and not by the UPDF which he says is going to absorb them into the reserve force according to the 2005 UPDF act.
He adds that the Presidents  intention of recruitment and training of LDUs  is not to control crime but to control politics. He says its a force meant to subdue people’s freedoms and will be under the S.F.C commando units according to his own intelligence.

Kampala Mayor Eryas Lukwago has also expressed concern over the recruitment of LDUs which process he says did not involve the local leaders in Kampala yet the process is meant to involve the leaders as stake holders.

Besigye speaks to journalist about current state of affairs

Former president of the Forum for Democratic Change party Dr.Kizza Besigye has said, their team led by Lord mayor Erias Lukwago will go to Gulu to join the rest to seek justice for detained members of parliament. ” We have seen photos of Hon.Zaake and we haven’t seen the rest but we ask that these members be taken to competent health facilities  either in the country or out of the country where they can attain better medical attention.” said Dr Besigye.

Besigye further explains that having these members tried in court martial which is subordinate to president Museveni is unrealistic.

He mentioned that the main inciter of violence is the ruling National resistance  movement junta and shouldn’t not transfer their responsibility to others.

Besigye also said that every thing happening shows the powerlessness of parliament which is supposed to  overlook all the other bodies in Government.

Besigye blames high refugee numbers on UPDF presence in South Sudan

By Robert Segawa
East African leaders have been urged to hold a peaceful dialogue about South Sudan matters which will check the increasing number of refugees in Uganda.
Former  Forum for Democratic change party president,  Dr Kizza Besigye blamed the refugees issue on the failure of regional leaders to help South Sudan solve conflict.
Besigye adds that the increased number of refugees are attributed to the conflicts fueled by Museveni government and his troops because he supports one  group to  fight other marginalized groups which has sparked conflicts leaving Uganda to be second country  with highest number of refugees in the whole world.
It estimated that more than 3000 refuges from south Sudan come to Uganda.
He has advised Ugandans to continue being friendly to refugees.
Meanwhile Besigye has advised the NGOS which are supporting the refugee camps to reach directly to the people in camps than giving it to government who has decided to eat the money instead of giving relief to them.