Besigye faults LDU recruitment process

By Moses Kidandi
Dr Kiiza Besigye has expressed concerns over planned assassinations that he says have been targeted at pinning the opposition leadership.
While Besigye addressed the media this afternoon  he said the recent shooting of Yasin Kauma the former driver of Kyadondo East member of Parliament Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu was  meant to kill the legislator  in order to implicate  and link Besigye to the killings.
About the recruitment of local defense units, Besigye has asked Parliament to intervene on the mode of recruitment which he says is going to cost tax payers  57 billion.
President Yoweri Museveni ordered for the recruitment of 24000 LDUs  in three districts of Mukono,Kampala and Wakiso which Besigye says is illegal.

Besigye explains that recruitment for village protection  is supposed to be conducted at village level and not by the UPDF which he says is going to absorb them into the reserve force according to the 2005 UPDF act.
He adds that the Presidents  intention of recruitment and training of LDUs  is not to control crime but to control politics. He says its a force meant to subdue people’s freedoms and will be under the S.F.C commando units according to his own intelligence.

Kampala Mayor Eryas Lukwago has also expressed concern over the recruitment of LDUs which process he says did not involve the local leaders in Kampala yet the process is meant to involve the leaders as stake holders.

Besigye speaks to journalist about current state of affairs

Former president of the Forum for Democratic Change party Dr.Kizza Besigye has said, their team led by Lord mayor Erias Lukwago will go to Gulu to join the rest to seek justice for detained members of parliament. ” We have seen photos of Hon.Zaake and we haven’t seen the rest but we ask that these members be taken to competent health facilities  either in the country or out of the country where they can attain better medical attention.” said Dr Besigye.

Besigye further explains that having these members tried in court martial which is subordinate to president Museveni is unrealistic.

He mentioned that the main inciter of violence is the ruling National resistance  movement junta and shouldn’t not transfer their responsibility to others.

Besigye also said that every thing happening shows the powerlessness of parliament which is supposed to  overlook all the other bodies in Government.

Besigye blames high refugee numbers on UPDF presence in South Sudan

By Robert Segawa
East African leaders have been urged to hold a peaceful dialogue about South Sudan matters which will check the increasing number of refugees in Uganda.
Former  Forum for Democratic change party president,  Dr Kizza Besigye blamed the refugees issue on the failure of regional leaders to help South Sudan solve conflict.
Besigye adds that the increased number of refugees are attributed to the conflicts fueled by Museveni government and his troops because he supports one  group to  fight other marginalized groups which has sparked conflicts leaving Uganda to be second country  with highest number of refugees in the whole world.
It estimated that more than 3000 refuges from south Sudan come to Uganda.
He has advised Ugandans to continue being friendly to refugees.
Meanwhile Besigye has advised the NGOS which are supporting the refugee camps to reach directly to the people in camps than giving it to government who has decided to eat the money instead of giving relief to them.

Besigye calls for closure of Nalufenya

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye, together with councillors from Kawempe Division, has demanded immediate closure of Nalufenya police station, a facility that is at the center of the recent torture allegations.

Councillors led by Harris Akampurira, who represents Makerere University, launched a campaign code-named ‘Nalufenya Must Fall’ saying that they were not satisfied with the report by Members of Parliament and demanded that if serious investigations are to be done the facility must be closed.

They argue that what takes place at Nalufenya Special Investigations Centre, located in Jinja District, is a violation of articles 24 and 44 of the constitution. Akampurira further says that police actions in Nalufenya run counter to the prevention and prohibition of torture Act, and all the international conventions that Uganda is signatory to.

Micheal Wamala Ziggwa, the city authority councillor for Kawempe South Councillor, wondered whether police will replace scooped people’s body parts when they find out that they were innocent.

He demanded that the facility be closed so that proper investigation is made.

The leaders demanded that human rights bodies together with inter-religious council of Uganda should all address the nation on what is happening on torture.

Since the leaking of photographs of tortured Kamwenge Town Council Mayor, Geoffrey Byamukama, and other suspects detained on allegations of killing former police spokesman, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, there has been wide condemnation of the acts of the security agencies.

Besigye said Nalufenya is just a manifestation of what he called captivity that Ugandans have been put into.

Besigye noted that Ugandans must not only focus on Nalufenya but look at all other forms of injustices.

He highlighted the former Nile Mansions, current Serena Hotel, which was a centre of torture and human rights abuse during Obote II government and the Nakasero State Research Bureau which was used by Idi Amin’s security agents.




FDC will organize LC elections if Government fails -Besigye

By Robert Segawa
The former presidential candidate for Forum for Democratic change Change Dr. Kizza Besigye says government must do every thing possible to organize LC elections if they fail FDC will lead the campaign.
During the press conference at his offices  in Katonga, Besigye said that absence of proper structures of LC I and II has been the center of problems in our country and so much must be done to organize elections to save lives.
Besigye adds that people must raise up again and claim for their power which has been grabbed and this will help them to be happy in their county.
Meanwhile Besigye has condemned the large scale land grabbing by people with authority in the government leaving the majority to suffer.
Besigye also mentioned the land grabbed by government during Chogm in 2007 like former Shimon primary school, Ministry of information land now Hilton hotel owned by Aya and many forest reserve .
He calls upon people’s not to fold hands when their land is being taken

Criminal summon issued against Besigye for not appearing in Court

By Sania Babirye
FDC former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has stood his ground and refused to return to  the Nakawa magustrate  court for mention of his treason case as promised.
This is after Besigye vowed to not appear in court willingly until the DPP committed him for trial inthe high court.
Besigye has since then petitioned the high court over the matter and the case is up for hearing on the 22 of March . Even today state informed court that investigations into the matter are still on going.
However, Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Ssajabi has issued criminal summons to Besigye after  prosecution led by  Racheal Nabwire  asked court to issue criminal summon against Besigye accusing him of missing court with no explanation.
Magistrate Sajjabi has now  signed  summons requiring Besigye to appear in court on the 27th/March 2017 for further mention of his case as police investigations are still  on-going.
Its close to nine months since the DPP charged Besigye with treason but has failed to Commit him for trial in high court which has the jurusdiction to try capital offenses.
And Besigye says that until the DPP concludes his alleged investigations and commits him he will not continue to waste his time and money appearing in the lower court with no powers to try his case.
Besigye is charged with treason after a video of him taking oath as the legally elected president of Uganda in the conclude Febuary 2016 General elections surfaced on social media which he does not deny.

Besigye vows not to return to court for the treason case mention

By Sania Babirye
Former FDC presidential Candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye says he will petition the constitutional court seeking orders to halt treason charges against him before the Nakawa court.
This follows failure by the DPP to commit Besigye to the high court for trial since May 2016 when he was arrested and charged with treason . Besigye was charged after a video clip  emerged of him taking oath of Presidency months after the February elections.
Prosecution asked for more time to complete investigation of the case which is still ongoing so that Besigye can be committed for trial. Besigye today appeared before Nakawa chief magistrate Noah Ssajabi and  vowed not to return back to Nakawa court for mention of the same case.The case has been adjourned to the 27th of February for further mention.

Besigye asks AU to join his struggle.

By Sania Babirye

Former Presidential Candidate Dr.Kiiza Besigye   has appealed to the African Union to join his struggle to oust president Museveni from power which says is not legitimate.

He made the comments as he appeared at the High court in Kampala in honor of his bail condition in respect of treason charges.

Deputy Registrar Emmanuel Baguma extended his bail reporting to 15/February/2017.

Photo: Africa Review

Besigye suing Civil Aviation Authority over airport arrest

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has dragged the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to Court over his recent arrest from Entebbe International airport.

In his suit filed by his lawyers of Rwakafuuzi & Co advocates, Dr Besigye states that on October 3 this year, he was plunked off a Kenya airways plane by security that connived with CAA officials and driven against his will through remote routes from Entebbe Airport to his home in Kasangati.

He says the arrest contravened his right to free movement as a Ugandan citizen.

He further states in his suit that he was also denied the right to meet and move from the airport in the company of his waiting family, friends, associates and supporters, hence violating his freedom of Association.

In support of his suit, the top opposition politician in his sworn in affidavit before the court says that on August 22, he left Uganda and addressed conferences in London, Geneva and Boston and returned on October 3 using Kenya Airways aircraft which landed at Entebbe International Airport.

He adds that on that day, he noticed that the plane had parked unusually far from the terminal and when he got out; he suspiciously noticed a bigger presence of CAA staff on the tarmac and a CAA vehicle driving closer to the aircraft.

Besigye adds that before he could disembark from the staircase, a staff of CAA wearing a reflector jacket pulled him from the last step of the staircase and grabbed him by his trouser towards the CAA vehicle which drove him away before he could even go through immigration procedures at the Airport.

To that effect, court has summoned the Civil Aviation Authority to file in its defense within 15 days from the date of receipt of summons and should they fail, judgment will be passed in their absentia.

The file case has been allocated to Justice Patricia Basaza for hearing.





Besigye vows not to return to court

By Sania Babirye
Former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has vowed never to appear again in Nakawa court where he is charged with treason after the state asked for more time to complete investigations into the case.
 Besigye who is representing himself told Nakawa court magistrate Noah Sajjabi that the DPPs intention is not to prosecute the case but to waste his time through continuous adjournments. The case will now be heard on 25th January 2017.