Candidates bribe voters in line in the Wakiso NRM primaries

By Deo Wasswa

Voting of LC5 district chairpersons for NRM primaries in Wakiso district has been smoothly conducted in most of villages. It is clear that most voters have not paid attention to the COVID – 19 standard operating procedures just like the previous elections that were held on Friday last week.

At Kisimbiri central, drama ensued as one man alleged to be a supporter of Ian Kyeyune arrived at the polling station in a vehicle and started to distributing two thousand shillings notes to each voter to vote in his favor. This saw many voters from Kyeyune’s opponent’s que run to chase the car to get at least a share of this free money.

Apart from distributing money, candidates through their top supporters have also distributed items like water, Apples , ice cream while asking them to vote in their favor.

At around noon voting had ended in most of 13 villages that make up Wakiso town council and Ian Kyeyune was in lead according to preliminary results.

In Mpunga village, Kyeyune got 109 vote while Mayanja Moses got 17 votes.

In Kyoga Village, Kyeyune got 63 while Mayanja got 53.

In Kayunga/Gombe village , Kyeyune got 100 votes while Mayanja Moses got 24 votes.

In Kisimbiri central , Kyeyune got 125 votes while Mayanja 08 votes.