I did not see signs of Jackie being on drug during Blu*3 – Cindy

Cinderella Sanyu says she did not see any signs of Jackie using drugs during their time in Blu*3.

While appearing on the Over drive stripped, Cindy did attribute the use of drugs by artists majorly to peer pressure and the pressure that comes with the job.

         “Many young artists see old artists using drugs and they think it is the cool thing to do” -Cindy

She confessed that she did not think what she had seen on the papers and rumors that drugs had taken a toll on her was true. ” I didn’t take the rumors seriously because tabloids always write terrible things about artists that are false.

When she finally confirmed that it was true, Jackie was really sick, she went to see her but since the hospital and close relatives vet who sees Jackie. I was not allowed to see her because I did not fall in the category of close friends and relatives but I still wished her a quick recovery.

Cindy said she did not do a lot of music last year but was up to her game this year and did hint on working with Kenyan Wahu and having a big concert as the year goes.