Bobiwine must return his bulletproof car for verification -URA

By Sania Babirye

Uganda Revenue Authority has written to the President of the National unity platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi to hand over his bullet proof car for re verification not later than today.

According to a letter addressed to Kyagulanyi through his lawyers of Wameeli and Company Advocates, URA said that Bobiwine must voluntarily hand over the said car for fresh tax reassessment by not later than today.

According to Assad Kigozi Kisutu, the acting commissioner of customs at URA, the said car must be produced today at Nakawa inland port for the said re assessment and if he fails to do so, he faces having the said car impounded.

On the 6th of this month, Kampala High court judge Emmanuel Baguma dismissed a case filed by National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi in which he wanted Court to stop URA from re possessing and re evaluating his bullet proof his vehicle.

Justice Baguma ruled that Kyagulanyi will not suffer any injustice to quietly acquire property in anyway as he had claimed in his application if he gives it back for re-evaluation.

Through his lawyers of Anthony Wameeli and Company Advocates, Kyagulanyi had accused URA of having no powers to confiscate his donated car Registration number UBJ667F Toyota Land Cruiser V8 after URA had concluded inspecting, accessing and taxing the said vehicle.

Kyagulanyi claimed that he always paid his taxes as a law abiding citizen and that this was another way of government targeting his properties.

He then alleged that the acts of the commissioner General in threatening to impound his vehicle were an infringement on his guaranteed constitutional rights to quietly enjoy and possess property.

Kyagulanyi said that he was forced to acquire such a vehicle and wear bullet proof jackets because he had been targeted by security and other government agencies since standing as a presidential and that the car is for his own personal safety and that currently he uses the car as his only means of transport because all his other vehicles such as the Tundura had either been impounded and parked at Arua Central Police station or damaged by security forces beyond repair .

He wanted Court to refrain URA from repossessing his car on grounds that such a action will not only render his movements difficult but also will hinder him from getting the protection he sought for from this car since the tax body doesnot even specify how long it will take while re-examining it.

On the 24th of February 2021, URA wrote to Bobiwine saying they needed to re examine his vehicle under section (d)0f the East African Community Customz Management Act.

According to URA, the car might have been under valued in taxes due to its specifications.

URA cleared the said vehicle to come into the country after Bobiwine paid 88 million shillings and also the IGG has then come out and asked Bobiwine to declare his car irrespective of how he acquired it under the law governing political party leaders periodically.

Kyagulanyi officially files to withdraw presidential election petition

By Sania Babirye

Hearing of the application seeking for leave to officially withdraw Robert Kyagulanyi’s presidential election petition has been adjourned until its gazatted.

Chief justice Alifonse Owiny Dollo has informed Kyagulanyi’s legal team led by Medard Ssegona that according to the rules governing Election petitions, the said petition must be received by the court’s registrar who publishes a notice of intention to withdraw the petition and since Kyagulanyi’s legal team filed their application today, the gazetting had not been done.

The Chief justice adds that that if it is gazetted by Friday, the said application will be heard on Monday next week.

Justice Dollo has given Kyagulanyi’s lawyers up to today to file their second affidavit explaining that the law requires that in addition to the affidavit by Kyagulanyi, to support his application, his lawyer must also file an affidavit which Ssegona did not do.

He also ordered all parties including the respondents to file their affidavits by Saturday emphasizing that the process is meant to see that all the necessary legal process of withdrawing an election petition as it is in hearing an election petition is followed.

This morning Kyagulanyi’s lawyers officially applied for leave to withdraw the said petition on grounds that their client believes that he was not going to get justice he was seeking.

Kyagulanyi cites incidences like denying him to amend his petition and bring in fresh evidence, kidnapping, torturing and arresting his witnesses among other alleged injustices.

Kyagulanyi further faults three justices on the panel including the chief justice of biasness due to his close relationship with president Museveni including being a lawyer to President Museveni in the 2016 presidential Petition by the then Forum For Democratic change presidential candidate Rtd.col. Kizza Besigye.

On Tuesday, Justice Alifonse Owiny Dollo declined to recuse himself from hearing and determine the said election petition after city lawyer Male Mabirizi accused him of being biased on the same reasons and having met president Museveni at state house in Entebbe in an alleged secret meeting which he called unethical.

Court to put stringent conditions for BobiWine’s release

By Sania Babirye

The attorney general has asked court to put stringent conditions on Robert Kyagulanyi including him denouncing his alleged planned violent protest if it is to lift his on going house arrest since the 14th of this month.

According to Martin Mwambustya representing the attorney general, the alleged planned violent protest is in relation to Bobiwine’s failure to accept the recent EC presidential results in which incumbent president Museveni was announced winner with 88% while Kyagulanyi came second with 28%.

The state also wants court to compel Bobiwine to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the ministry of health.

According to Mwambustya,they have intelligence that Kyagulanyi and his party have allegedly recruited and trained youths to engage in these riots if he lost in the concluded elections.

Mwambustya has however denied Bobiwine’s wife and other members in their family being under any movement restriction yet a video circulated on social media showing security operatives refusing barbie to go in their garden behind their house to get food.

The case is before Kampala high court judge Michael Elubu.

Two judges decline to hear Bobi Wine’s applications

By Sania Babirye

National unity platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi and his wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi have petitioned the high court over their alleged illegal house arrest by the government.

According to their lawyers led by Anthony Wameeli and Turyasiima Geoffrey, the continued illegal detention of the two since the 14th of this month after voting is an infringement to their rights to personal liberty and wants court to issue a habeas corpus to the attorney general, the chief of Defense forces and the inspector General of police to produce the two before court for proper orders.

The lawyers claim that since Kyagulanyi who was a presidential candidate in the concluded presidential elections and his wife cast their votes and went home, their homes have been since surrounded by military and police personnel who do not allow them to leave or have access to their doctors, relatives, friends and lawyers yet the army and police has not given any reason why they are holding their clients under house arrest.

However, Lawyer Wameeli says two judges have declined to hear the application including justice Esther Nambayo who claims that she has a nother case that is related to the applicants which is that of the NUP members led by Bobiwine’s body guard Eddie Mutwe in which they are challenging their trial in the army court.

Justice Musa Sekana had also refused to hear the application stating that he presided over the Concluded case in which Kyagulanyi and others had been sued by the founders of his party accusing him of taking over their party illegally and people might accuse him of being biased or not objective.

Now the case has been allocated to justice Michael Elubu.

Bobi Wine dedicates Arua campaign to former driver Kawuma

By Sania Babirye

National Unity Platform party presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi says he will be dedicating his campaigns in Arua to his late driver Yasin Kawuma.

Kawuma was killed during the Arua by election campaigns last year when Bobiwine was campaigning for Hon.Wadri.

He says as NUP, they know that there is every intention by the regime and its security agencies to break, weaken and intimidate them as it was during nomination when they wanted to block them.

He says that their campaign in Arua will prove to the regime that they embraced their fear and want Yasin Kawuma who is with them in spirit to know that they will not give up or disappoint the cause he paid an ultimate price for.

Bobiwine has also called upon Ugandans to embrace the coming elections saying its not just an ordinary election but its a revolutionary election .

He says there is every effort to vulgarize his election and stop them and is now asking incumbent president Museveni to be very scared saying this is going to be a turning force for history.

Bobi Wine rejects EC security

By Sania Babirye

National Unity platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has rejected the security detail given to him by the Electoral commission accusing them of looking on and participating in his brutalization by the army and police yesterday after being nominated.

Addressing the media today at their party headquarters in Kamyokya, David Lewis Rubingiyo the party secretary general says that that their party president who is at home still recovering from the said torture believes that the Electoral commission did did not give him the said security detail to protect him but only to participate in his brutalization.

Bobiwine is also faulting EC of failing to do something as he was being tortured by security operatives including making any statement on the said matter up to now.

He says that if the said security detail was given to him for protection, then they should not have watched on as he was being treated in an inhumane manner with some of them participating in the said alleged inhumane treatment

The party also revealed that they will be launching there manifesto this Friday In Mbarara at their head offices after police sabotaged their their launch yesterday at their headquarters in Kamyokya by arresting their president and detaining him at his home in Magere.

Meanwhile NUP says that they will respect all rights of Ugandans including those of the opposition politicians once voted in power.

According to NUP, no person deserves to be treated by the army and police in such a dehumanizing manner regardless of their political affiliation and that its unfortunate for security in Uganda to be behaving in such an unprofessional manner.

These have condemned what they called a dehumanizing manner in which the police and the army treated their party president and his supporters yesterday during and after his nomination yet the same police and army protected incumbent president Museveni and his supporters including their processions.

Rubongoya however says that despite the many wars they faced before and after nomination, they are delighted that their party president was successfully nominated.

He cited challenges including the recent dismissed case against their ownership of the party, trumped up treason charges against Bobiwine and the stealing of their signatures a few days before nomination by the army and police.

He however says that with their president being successfully nominated as a presidential candidate, they are ready for their biggest battle of reclaiming Uganda from bad governance.

Bobi Wine nominated

By Phiona Namutebi

National unity platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi has been declared as the presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections.

Speaking shortly after his nomination at Kyambogo cricket grounds, Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi wine has blamed the current president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for denying Ugandans to see peaceful transfer of power for the last 35 years.

He has also expressed the disappointment with the way Ugandans have continued to suffer with land grabbing and access to justice saying that justice under President Museveni’s regime is for sale.

According to Kyagulanyi, “upon taking the presidential seat, he intends to increase payment for security officers, fighting against escalating corruption and restoring the health care system which is broken.”

NUP asks EC to intervene on police interference during campaigns

By Sania Babirye

National unity platform party led by Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi has unveiled their Presidential candidate Official Poster.

These have also launched their slogan, “When the struggle is over, we shall wear the victors’ crown in A NEW UGANDA.”

Speaking at the function at their headquarters in Kamyokya, David Lubongoya the party secretary general has revealed that their manifesto will be unveiled soon.

Joel Senyonyi the party spokesperson has called upon the electoral commission to intervene in what he has called the continued defacing of their presidential flag bearer posters by security operatives including the police and the army if its not partisan.

Ssenyonyi now wants the electoral commission to intervene if its independent by stopping the police and the army from continuing to pull down posters of party president Robert Kyagulanyi down while protecting those of president Museveni.

Senyonyi further says that it is not fair that EC that has powers but has not come out to criticise such actions of the army and police .

He says that if this does not stop, its likely to cause disharmony amongst Ugandans.

He also criticized the police from arresting and detaining their members including those who are underage like 17 year old Walakira Elijah without charging them with any offence.

DPP takes another Mabiriizi case

By Sania Babirye

Buganda road court has allowed the Director of Public Prosecution to take over a case in which city lawyer Hassan Male Mabiriizi is accusing Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine for allegedly lying about his age despite Mabirizi contesting the take over.

Grade one Magistrate Stella Amabiris ruled that the DPP has all the powers to take over any case at any time as he and does not need permission from court to take over any private case of his interest .

The magistrate has further stated despite the DPP taking over a case, it does not amount to abuse of legal provision services.

Meanwhile, Mabirizi had also asked court to summon Hon.Kyagulanyi however, this request was also declined on grounds that the case has been taken over by the DPP and ordered Mabirizi to avail all his alleged evidence in form of documentation to the DPP to help her prosecute the case.

Speaking to the media, Mabiriizi stated that he is dissatisfied with the court’s decision and that he will be appealing in the high court.

Mabiriizi is accusing Bobi Wine of making a false declaration before the passport control officer and obtaining false registration on the parliamentary website that he is 38 years a born of 1982 yet he was born in 1980 which makes him 40 years.

Mabiriizi is basing his claims on academic documents obtained from UNEB and Makerere university all indicating that Bobi Wine was born in 1980 not 1982.

This is the second case against Bobiwine allegedly lying about his age by Lawyer Mabirizi that the DPP has taken over.

Bobiwine is charged with giving false information.

Court sets 16th October for NUP ownership ruling

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court judge Musa Sekana has set the 16th of next month to deliver his ruling in case challenging the new ownership of Nations unity platform party currently owned by Bobiwine.

This is after Moses Nkonge Kibalama the founding member of the then NURP party and his then secretary general finished being cross examined on their alleged retraction of their first affidavits in which they claimed that the party was illegally registered and transferred to Bobiwine.

Kibalama and Simba while being cross examined by defense lawyers including Medard Ssegona on his retraction informed court that they participated in forgery when they presented documents that were forged to EC to have the party transferred to Bobiwine and registered by EC.

These accused their lawyers of misleading them into signing over affidavits which they did not understand.

Kibalama had also informed court that he did not understand the circumstances leading to Jim to be summoned in court today and that his personal freedom and liberty has been curtailed by organisations he does not know.

He also revealed to court that the chief of Defense forces David Muhoozi asked him to meet him in his office and talk about matters surrounding the new party ownership two weeks ago as he was driving in his car and currently he has know control over himself.

Kibalama further revealed to court that he came to know about the summons when some one he doesn’t know sneaked a paper into a room he was being kept in and asked court for intervention to regain his freedom.

Kibalama was later whisked away from court by security operatives who had earlier claimed that they were unaware of his disappearance.

Meanwhile Bobiwine has asked the country to pray for Kibalama whom he says has lost his freedom.

Bobiwine says Ugandans must demand for Kibalama’s freedom whom he says is clearly under detention by the army and everything he says is not out his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama told him that he can not freely speak and that the video of him claiming to want his party back was not of his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama confessed to him that he was tortured and lost a nail under the security operatives.