Kyagulanyi loses case against URA’s repossession of armored car

By Sania Babirye

Kampala High court judge Emmanuel Baguma has dismissed a case filed by National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi in which he wanted Court to stop URA from re possessing and re evaluating his bullet proof his vehicle.

Justice Baguma has ruled that Kyagulanyi will not suffer any injustice as he had claimed in his application if he gives it back for re-evaluation.

Through his lawyers of Anthony Wameeli and Company Advocates, Kyagulanyi has accused URA of having no powers to confiscate his donated car Registration number UBJ667F Toyota Land Cruiser V8 after URA had concluded inspecting, accessing and taxing the said vehicle.

Kyagulanyi claimed that he always paid his taxes as a law abiding citizen and that this was another way of government targeting his properties.

He then alleged that the acts of the commissioner General in threatening to impound his vehicle were an infringement on his guaranteed constitutional rights to quietly enjoy and possess property.

Kyagulanyi said that he was forced to acquire such a vehicle and wear bullet proof jackets because he had been targeted by security and other government agencies since standing as a presidential and that the car is for his own personal safety and that currently he uses the car as his only means of transport because all his other vehicles such as the Tundura had either been impounded and parked at Arua Central Police station or damaged by security forces beyond repair .

He wanted Court to restrain URA from repossessing his car on grounds that such a action will not only render his movements difficult but also will hinder him from getting the protection he sought for from this car since the tax body does not even specify how long it will take while re-examining it.

On the 24th of February 2021, URA wrote to Bobiwine saying they needed to re examine his vehicle under section (d)0f the East African Community Customs Management Act.

According to URA, the car might have been under valued in taxes due to its specifications.

URA cleared the said vehicle to come into the country after Bobiwine paid 88 million shillings and also the IGG has then come out and asked Bobi to declare his car irrespective of how he acquired it under the law governing political party leaders periodically.

MUK Fails to trace Bobiwine’s mature entry and bio data forms

By Sania Babirye

Makerere University fails to furnish City lawyer Male Mabirizi with Certified copies of application and Biodata forms and academic transcripts of National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi, after failling to trace the said records due to the ongoing digitalisation of all students records and COVID-19 pandemic that forced many staff members from the Senate building to stop working after contracting the virus.

In reply to Mabirizi’s letter dated 20th August 2020, Alfred Masikye Namoah, the academic registrar Makerere University says , they were only able to trace only a copy of Kyagulanyi’s first year registration form from the college registry and promises to avail Mabirizi with all the required documents after the finalization of the digitalisation process.

However, basing on the registration copy that he was furnished with, Mabirizi claims that Kyagulanyi was illegally admitted by Makerere University for a Diploma in Music,Dance and Drama in 2000 at 20 years, yet Mabirizi claims that Bobiwine was required to be atheist 25 years old.

Mabirizi further claims that Kyagulanyi had just sat S.6 in 1998, yet the policy required at least 5 years after formal Education .

In his letter, Mabirizi seeks to have Kyagulanyi’s Diploma cancelled on grounds that he flouted the Mature age entry policy 2000 on grounds that he was below age by the time he was admitted for the said mature age entry diploma since he was born in 1980 on August 12th.
Mabirizi further claims that Kyagulanyi should be legally punished on allegations of Fraud,since he was on government sponsorship basing on his mature entry, which Mabirizi claims he was not qualified for.

DPP asks Wakiso court to take over Bobi Wine case

By Sania Babirye

The Director of Public prosecutions has asked the Wakiso magistrate court to take the case in which city lawyer Male Mabirizi is accusing him of giving false information to the Wakiso district electoral returning officer in order to be nominated for the Kyadondo East MP East in 2017.

However, Mabirizi has objected to the DPPs request on grounds that the DPP has not given any reason to as why she should take over the case.

Court is yet to rule on the said application this afternoon.

In the said case, Mabirizi wants court to block Hon.Kyagulanyi from being nominated as a presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections and also be banned from active politics for a period of seven years if court finds him guilty of lying about his age.

In the said case, Mabirizi wants court to block Hon.Kyagulanyi from being nominated as a presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections and also be banned from active politics for a period of seven years if court finds him guilty of lying about his age.

Hr is charged with giving false information, obtaining registration by false pretense and uttering false documents.

Mabirizi says he has evidence to prove that Kyagulanyi lied that he was born in 1982 when he was actually born in 1980.

Mabirizi further accuses Kyagulanyi of falsely obtaining registration on parliamentary website through giving false information that he was born in 1982 and that he was 36 years of age where as not in 2017.

Security has also been beefed up at the court although Bobiwine did not show up.

This is the second case against Bobiwine allegedly lying about his age by Lawyer Mabirizi that the DPP wants to take over.

Opposition politicians held in connection with death on Bobi Wine’s driver

Opposition politicians who were arrested on Monday night  in Arua Municipality are being held in connection to the shooting of Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver  Yasin Kawuma.

The politicians some of whom police claim were found armed with pistols at the time of arrest include;  Gerald Karuhanga, MP Jinja East Paul Mwiru, MP Mityana Municipality Francis Zaake, former MP Micheal Mabike and candidate Kasiano Wadri.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima while briefing the media at police headquarters said investigations will tell who exactly fired the bullet that killed Kawuma  between us and the people arrested since some of them were found with fire arms.

Kawuma was shot dead while sitting in Kyagulanyi’s car around hotel Pacific.

Peace at gun point is actually piss : Bobi Wine

Well, we all know Ghetto Gladiator, Bobi Wine  like a certain proportion of Ugandans is  not an amused man this season. Yes, the change he anticipated did not come through. Bobi Wine took on his Facebook to transcribe what could be his his new lyrics and a photo of Besigye in which reads, “Free Besigye”.

In his own words Bobi said,

“When the going gets tough, the tough must get going,especially when our ‪#‎Leaders‬ have become ‪#‎Misleaders‬ and ‪#‎Mentors‬ have become ‪#‎Tormentors‬. When freedom of of expression is met with suppression and oppression, then ‪#‎Opposition‬ becomes ‪#‎OurPosition‬. As we preach peace, we must not shut our eyes and mouths to injustice or we shall be known by our children as the generation of hypocrites.Peace at gun point is actually piss.