Opposition politicians held in connection with death on Bobi Wine’s driver

Opposition politicians who were arrested on Monday night  in Arua Municipality are being held in connection to the shooting of Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver  Yasin Kawuma.

The politicians some of whom police claim were found armed with pistols at the time of arrest include;  Gerald Karuhanga, MP Jinja East Paul Mwiru, MP Mityana Municipality Francis Zaake, former MP Micheal Mabike and candidate Kasiano Wadri.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima while briefing the media at police headquarters said investigations will tell who exactly fired the bullet that killed Kawuma  between us and the people arrested since some of them were found with fire arms.

Kawuma was shot dead while sitting in Kyagulanyi’s car around hotel Pacific.

Peace at gun point is actually piss : Bobi Wine

Well, we all know Ghetto Gladiator, Bobi Wine  like a certain proportion of Ugandans is  not an amused man this season. Yes, the change he anticipated did not come through. Bobi Wine took on his Facebook to transcribe what could be his his new lyrics and a photo of Besigye in which reads, “Free Besigye”.

In his own words Bobi said,

“When the going gets tough, the tough must get going,especially when our ‪#‎Leaders‬ have become ‪#‎Misleaders‬ and ‪#‎Mentors‬ have become ‪#‎Tormentors‬. When freedom of of expression is met with suppression and oppression, then ‪#‎Opposition‬ becomes ‪#‎OurPosition‬. As we preach peace, we must not shut our eyes and mouths to injustice or we shall be known by our children as the generation of hypocrites.Peace at gun point is actually piss.