Nyanzi granted bail by Busia Police

By Sania Babirye

Busia magistrate has granted bail to FDC’s Stella Nyanzi and her two co accused.

Grade one magistrate Keibei Kitrotich released Nyanzi with her aid Roy Rugumayo and Derrick Yona on a one million shilling cash bail.

However, Nyanzi who is FDCs Kampala Woman MP candidate says she will not take plea to the said charges unless president Museveni and the Kabaka of Buganda are also charged since they recently returned from Kenya and Tanzania.

The are charged with committing an act likely to spread COVID19.

These were arrested on the Saturday the 19th of September at the Busia boader on their way back in the country.

These had traveled to neighboring Kenya .

Nyanzi also says her car and driver are still missing and has called her prosecution as political persecution.

She says her right to participate in FDC political activities is being abused by the rulling government.

The case has been adjourned to the 22nd of october 2020.

Democratic Party’s Deo Hasubi Njoki declines job offered by Museveni

The Democratic party Busia LCV by election candidate Deo Hasubi Njoki has declined the Uganda human rights commission Job offer by president Yoweri Museveni. Njoki who was nominated on 6th November on DP ticket and is backed by other opposition political parties as a joint candidate announced the the decision to day during the weekly party press conference in Kampala.

He confirms that he received the a copy of the letter which president Museveni addressed to the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga appointing him as the commissioner of Uganda Human rights commission.

Njoki says he wrote a letter to the party leadership informing them of what was going on.

He added that after consultations with the party leadership he has decided to turn down the offer of the job he would have preferred because that’s what he studied resolving to serve the people of Busia.

Njoki announced that he is returning to Busia to start campaign and DP will win the election.

The DP party president General Nobert Mao noted that the letter Njoki wrote to the party was linked to media by members of the party leadership and this resulted into bashing of the party including members of other opposition political parties.

DP Party President Nobert Mao - PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM
DP Party President Nobert Mao – PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM

He warned president Yoweri Museveni to leave DP and Njoki alone sighting that DP has invested heavily in Njoki. He noted that they are heading to Busia to and they will be Joined by other opposition leader’s in campaigns noting that they will win and Museveni will be ashamed.

The elections for Busia District LC V by elections are set for November 28th 2018. The campaign manager DP Florence Namayanja member of parliament Bukoto East assured for a land slide victory on 28th November as he called for further support.

Early this year Justice Andrew Bashaija nulified the election of NRM candidate Ouma Adea and ordered fresh elections for Busia LCV. This was after petition by Deogratious Nkoki DP candidate saying Adea was bared from holding public office for a period of 10 years when he was convicted by the anti corruption court for abuse of office and corruption.

Police reveal that 5 have been convicted for human trafficking

By Robert Segawa
Police has revealed that many Ugandans are now being trafficked to middle East countries through Kenya.
Addresing journalists on Monday at Police Headquarters in Naguru, the Commissioner of police in charge of human trafficking at the Ministry of internal affairs, Moses Binoga said that they have found out that people here work with Kenyan unlicensed companies lure Ugandan girls into Kenya.
He said that the girls are then transported using buses to Tororo where they are put into houses and then cross the border at night to Kenya. He said most of the girls go through Jomo Kenyatta airport.
According to Binoga, they have got 48 cases registered involving 140 victims being transported through Kenya. He however noted that five people have been convicted by court in Busia over human trafficking.

Family admitted in hospital after eating poisoned cassava flour

One person has died and seven others are admitted in Busia district for suspected food poisoning. The poison victims are family members and residents of Nangudi village, Busitema parish Busitema Sub-County in Busia district.

The deceased has been identified as one and half-year-old Ronald Makokha. Those admitted at Busia Health Center IV include Teddy Nabwire, Bernard Makokha, Ronald Wandera, Sylvia Nanjala, Beatrice Balibawa, Scovia Erumbi, and Iren Gloria Irene.

Dr. Yusuf Lule, the In-charge Busia Health Centre IV, says the victims were rushed to the health center on suspicion that they ate food laced with poison.

Ronald Wandera, one of the victims and head of the family, says he bought 10 kilograms of dry cassava at Namungodi trading center on Tuesday. According to Wandera, he took the cassava for grinding and used the flour to prepare supper for his family.

He says the children started complaining of stomach pain at around 12am before the minor succumbed died at 2am.

Christine Auma, the mother of the children, suspects the problem could have started from the cassava flour.

The incident has raised fear among residents. Charles Ndeke, a resident of Bulumbi Sub County, says they are now afraid of buying food from market.

A similar case was reported in Busiro Sub County in Namayingo district where one person died after eating cassava flour he bought from a store



Cholera outbreak in Busia claims a life and leaves six other hospitalised

Cholera claimed the life of one person in Busia district on Saturday and left six other hospitalised. The victims are members of the same family from Mundaya village in Masaba sub-county.  Dr. Patrick Barasa, the In Charge of the Cholera Isolation center at Busia main hospital, says the deceased contracted cholera in Namayingo district where he was working.

He said the six patients admitted at the isolation center had just returned from his burial.  He suspects the cholera victims could have touched the body of the deceased. Dr. Barasa is worried that the situation may escalate given the heavy rains that have continued pounding the area.

He complained of poor sanitation and hygiene especially within, Busia municipality. Busia district is prune to cholera outbreaks. In November last year, cholera broke out in seven sub counties in the district and was only contained in January this year.  The epidemic claimed six people and left more than 270 other hospitalised at Busia main hospital.

Kennedy Adhola Otiti, the Busia Resident District Commissioner, blames the cholera outbreaks on negligence by residents and lack of proper hygiene practices.  Otitit has ordered for a crackdown on households without proper sanitation facilities.