CAA puts in place new strict measures as airport opens

By Robert Segawa

The Civil Aviation Authority has assured all travelers of safety as Entebbe International Airport reopens for passengers flights today since the lock down was announced.

According to Vianney Lujja the Authority spokesperson, the Airline and all airport staff are required to strictly observe the COVID-19 standard operating procedures that have been put in place by the ministry of health.

Lujja further adds that several measures have been also put in place to minimize the interface between passengers and staff, he adds that all aeroplanes will be disinfected on arrival and before outgoing passengers are allowed to board.

He assured the public that, within the airport terminal they have put in place automated sanitizers , elected glass shield at all emigration counters and check in counters and ensure the terminals are disinfected on regular basis.

Civil Aviation Authority boss thrown out over poor performance

The Managing Director of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)) Wenceslaus Rama Makuza has been axed with immediate effect.

According to Susan Kataike, the Public Relations Officer of Ministry of Works and Transport, CAA’s parent ministry, Makuza’s contract has been terminated in both CAA and the country’s interest.

Kataike says the CAA Board, chaired by Engineer Edward Mike Ndawula, appraised Makuza as part of a routine process, and, as she put it, “found his performance wanting”.

The Board then submitted its report to the line minister, Eng. Monica Azuba Ntege, who discussed the appraisal results with both the board and Makuza himself before cracking the whip.

Kataike says the performance appraisal showed below average performance by Makuza and it was imperative that he be relieved of his duties.

Armed with the dismissal letter, the Board members Tuesday reportedly stormed the CAA headquarters to deliver it but found Makuza out of office.

Kataike says CAA Deputy Managing Director, Dr. David Mpango Kakuba, has been appointed acting Managing Director with immediate effect.

She adds that Minister Azuba has directed the CAA Board to find a substantive replacement for Makuza as soon as possible, adding that the process will start in earnest.

When contacted for a comment, CAA’s Public Affairs Manager, Vianney Luggya, could neither confirm nor deny the developments, promising to call back later.

Makuza’s contract was supposed to end later this year and it is unclear what compensation he will be given. He was one of the best paid government officials, raking in 30 million shillings per month.

Makuza’s reign at CAA has also been bedevilled by a string of scandals like smuggling of drugs, animal parts, minerals and other contraband goods.

The Entebbe International Airport has also persistently faced reconstruction delays, hygiene challenges, alleged corruption, contracts bungling and nepotism in employment.

The Inspectorate of Government and parliament are investing corruption cases in CAA, a case in point being reports of 5.4 billion shillings paid to a group of city lawyers controversially contracted to collect a debt the government accepted to pay.

There have also been reports that fuel at the authority is allocated to individuals for weddings, introductions and other private activities.

Besigye suing Civil Aviation Authority over airport arrest

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has dragged the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to Court over his recent arrest from Entebbe International airport.

In his suit filed by his lawyers of Rwakafuuzi & Co advocates, Dr Besigye states that on October 3 this year, he was plunked off a Kenya airways plane by security that connived with CAA officials and driven against his will through remote routes from Entebbe Airport to his home in Kasangati.

He says the arrest contravened his right to free movement as a Ugandan citizen.

He further states in his suit that he was also denied the right to meet and move from the airport in the company of his waiting family, friends, associates and supporters, hence violating his freedom of Association.

In support of his suit, the top opposition politician in his sworn in affidavit before the court says that on August 22, he left Uganda and addressed conferences in London, Geneva and Boston and returned on October 3 using Kenya Airways aircraft which landed at Entebbe International Airport.

He adds that on that day, he noticed that the plane had parked unusually far from the terminal and when he got out; he suspiciously noticed a bigger presence of CAA staff on the tarmac and a CAA vehicle driving closer to the aircraft.

Besigye adds that before he could disembark from the staircase, a staff of CAA wearing a reflector jacket pulled him from the last step of the staircase and grabbed him by his trouser towards the CAA vehicle which drove him away before he could even go through immigration procedures at the Airport.

To that effect, court has summoned the Civil Aviation Authority to file in its defense within 15 days from the date of receipt of summons and should they fail, judgment will be passed in their absentia.

The file case has been allocated to Justice Patricia Basaza for hearing.





Civil Aviation Authority celebrates twenty five years of success

By Alice Lubwama
The number of international passengers entering the country has increased from 118,000 in 1991 to 1.4 million passengers by the year 2015.  The managing director Civil Aviation Authority Rama Makuza made the revelation during the celebrations last evening to mark 25 years of the existence of CAA.
The number of domestic tourists also increased from 5000 to 14000 tourists , while Aircraft movements have also increased from 5000 in 1991 to 27000 last year. Exports through Entebbe International airport have increased from 1367 tones to 32000 tones.
According to Civil Aviation Authority managing director Rama Makuza imports increased from 5000 to 21000 tons in 2015. Total revenue collected   increased from 2.4 billion in 19 91 to 159 billion shillings in the year ending 2015.