FAO to partner with Agriculture ministry to create employment for youth

By Daudi Zirimala
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO says youth involvement in agriculture is still very poor due to limited access to land has caused high unemployment levels.

Speaking at the media dialogue Edward Tanyima FAOs Youth Programme officer noted that 75.2% of the Uganda’s populations 30 years below are living in rural areas and a few are involved in agriculture yet many youth are having indecent jobs across the country.

He says that FAO in partnership with the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries will integrate youth employment in agricultural policies and planning.

Tanyima says that they have embarked on piloting of a value chain analysis tool for rural youth employment in Uganda and mapping youth employment potentials in selected priority value chains.

President Museveni to compensate Buganda for the loss of Muteesa house

By Daudi Zirimala

President Museveni has directed the ministry of Finance to include money in the 2020/21 budget to compensate Buganda kingdom for the loss Muteesa house in London which was sold by government.

According to president during this financial year 2020/21 government will also return other assets that belonged to the kingdom including land compensation on Kampala road where King Fahad building sits.

The president pledged this while visiting the king of Buganda his Majesty Ronald muwenda II at his palace in Banda a Kampala suburb where they discussed so many issues that will foster the relationship between central and Buganda governments respectively.

Museveni has also pledged to give back all land titles that belongs to Buganda Kingdom in the shortest time possible. President was flanked by the attorney General William Byaruhanga however in presence were the kingdoms premier Charles Peter Mayiga among others.

President MUseveni advises troubled Libya to build a national army

By Gloria Nakiyimba
President Yoweri Museveni says building a national army is one the key solutions to the problems in troubled Libya.

While meeting the visiting Afro-Arab Youth Council delegation, at Stat house Nakasero the president who is the Patron of the Council noted that “The problems in Libya can be solved through the building of a National Army where they incorporate both the old and new members of the forces.”

He is also proposing that elections should be held where all the Libyans will participate fairly, as the leaders under the African Union continue to search for a lasting solution to the Libyan conflict.

The delegation led by Mr. Abdulhadi Elhwig was in the country to consult with their patron as they prepare for the 3rd General Assembly of the Afro-Arab Youth Council Summit. This is schedule to take place in Kampala in August this year more than ten years since the 2nd General Assembly of the organization was held in Kampala in 2008 that was attended by former Libyan President, the late Col. Abu Minyar Muammar Gaddafi.

Mr. Elhwig, saluted President Museveni for his e immense support to the group and for accepting to host the summit again in Kampala this year.
Libya plunged into a crisis during the Arab spring protests in 2011 which led to civil war and the subsequent overthrow and assassination of Col. Gaddafi on 20th October the same year in Sirte.

The proliferation of armed groups in the once stable Maghreb country led to violence and instability that continues to plague Libya, resulting in death of tens of thousands of people as well as casualties. The crisis also saw the crumbling of the Libyan economy mainly driven by oil.

Plascon introduces new anti mosquito paint

By Deo Wasswa
The anti-mosquito paint, the first of its kind has been introduced onto Uganda market with the goal of supporting the country’s efforts of being malaria-free by 2021, which would place Uganda alongside Morocco, the only certified malaria-free country in Africa having registered no cases since 2010.

The revolutionary new paint is a modified emulsion paint powered by Plascon’s unique mosquito “Knock Down” technology and it is being offered as a value-for-money alternative indoor residual spraying.

While malaria interventions such as mosquito nets, prophylactics and insecticide spraying are still in use, the deadly disease continues to account for more than one million deaths on the African continent each year.

Working in a public-private partnership together with the Ugandan Ministry of Health, other agencies and stakeholders, Kansai Plascon has developed an innovative Kansai Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint. The modified acrylic emulsion paint is powered by its unique mosquito “Knock Down” technology, giving people the peace of mind of a mosquito-free environment.

The Kansai Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint is specially designed to be safe to use in residential homes, public and commercial buildings. “Kansai Plascon’s Anti-Mosquito paint is the only product of its kind. It has been approved by all the local bodies necessary including; the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs the National Drag Authority, National Environment Management Authority, and National Health Research Authority. It is lead-free, a low emission product that can be used anywhere, which makes it the ideal way to put people at ease if they are living in or visiting a high-risk malaria area,” said Kansai Plascon Vice President Dr Kalpana Abe.

The ‘Knock Down’ technology works by disrupting the mosquito’s nervous system on contact , reducing its ability to remain on painted walls or flying too far away, resulting in it being knocked down. The knock-down effect lasts for up to two years, offering lasting protection from malaria infection and other mosquito-borne diseases,” added Dr Abe.

In addition to being one of Africa’s deadliest diseases, malaria also accounts for half of school absenteeism and has considerable negative impacts on the economy.

Malaria No More is an organisation dedicated to eradicating the disease and reveals that a 10% decrease in malaria has been associated with a 3% rise in GDP. Reducing Malaria will keep children in school, allow parents to work, and reduce spending on medication and healthcare. Malaria No More also reports that the disease is the biggest killer of children below the age of five.

“The launch of the Kansai (Plascon) Anti-Mosquito paint kicks off with the ‘Hold my Hand to 5’ campaign where Plascon has pledged to donate paint to some of underprivileged communities” added Dr Abe.

“The “Hold my Hand to 5” campaign aims to highlight the plight of the most vulnerable malaria victims: our children, while driving consumer education on the fight against malaria. Kansai Plascon plans to forge strong partnerships with government, NGOs and the private sector to ensure the campaign has an enduring and holistic impact,” said Regional Brand Manager Lungi Koni.

Dr Abe said, “This revolutionary product will go a long way in saving lives and keeping vulnerable families and communities safe. The long-lasting benefits of keeping people healthy and strong will also be instrumental in creating healthier economies.”

Boda boda riders save legislators from arrest

By Gloria Nakiyimba

In a dramatic move, boda boda riders in the northern district of Amuru on Monday forcefully whisked away five legislators from a police station where they had been taken following their arrest after a foiled demonstration against the giveaway of the land in Appaa belonging to the Acholi community.

Police in Gulu today blocked the demonstration and arrested five members of parliament from Acholi .

Those arrested included Kilak South constituency member of parliament Olanya Gilbert, Arru county legislator Samuel Odonga Otto, Tochi county MP Okot Peter, Amuru district woman representative Akello Lucy, and Kilak north law maker Akol Anthony.

The law makers are against a government move to give away 42 square kilometers of the land in Appaa to a foreign investor without compensating the bonafide owners.

“The rightful owner of the land in Apaa is the Acholi community, and the truth of the matter is that, that land of Appaa was given to some white man ; an investor called Bruce Martin . The man comes from South Africa” Kilak south constituency legislator Olanya Gilbert told Capital radio.

They were intercepted on their way to Kaunda grounds where they were heading to address the affected community about their grievances.

“We organized peaceful demonstration today to move and address the people in Acholi at Kaunda grounds, and when were moving very smartly without any chaos, police officers came, they blocked us , they started removing the placards we had and started arresting all of us the five members of parliament” said mp Olanya

Police took them to Gulu Central Police station but upon arrival, the law makers refused to enter police cells insisting it is their right to demonstrates

“From the CPS we refused, we rejected to enter inside the police cell , we told them we have not broken any law, demonstration is a right to an individual, we are showing our grievances for what is what going on in Appaa since the government is not helping us” he added.

As the push back and forth continued outside the Gulu CPS, the number of boda boda riders and some youth following the mps started swelling up. The riders took away the mps before police could force them to enter the cells.

“I am happy that boda boda people brought their motorcycle at the police station, forcefully started carrying all the members of parliament away. They really removed us forcefully from the hands of the police. I am happy that boda bodas came and rescued us” he averred.

Mp Olanya accuses government of siding with General Moses Ali from Madi and some members of the madi community to deny the land rights to the people of Acholi.

According to MP Olanya “what is going on right now in Appaa is really so alarming. You find some UPDF officers who own land in Appaa, they are burning the houses of the people of Acholi and chasing away”.

The Acholi community is protesting the giveaway of the land to an investor because they are the genuine owners.

“The Acholi community, who are occupying that land, told the government clearly that they cannot give our land because we were born there, we grew there. And Acholi community asked the government to come and negotiate peacefully with the land owners who are there. But the government say no…that land must be given to an investor” he explained.

UTB, tourism police crack down another fraudster

By Edwin Muhumuza
Kampala, Uganda. February 2, 2019. In another operation with the aid of Tourism Police, Mr. Didan Atukunda from Mamba Gorilla Safari has been arrested for declining to pay back an erroneous payment made by a tourist.

Mr. Atukunda was arrested in a bar in Kabale at 2am by the Tourism Police Regional commandant- Kigezi region, ASP Tinka Emmanuel. The tourist erroneously paid $30.000 instead of $3000 for a trip to trek Gorillas and Mr. Atukunda declined to make the $27,000 refund; forcing the tourist to contact the Uganda Tourism Board. Prior attempts by UTB to discuss and agree to a payment plan between Mr. Atukunda and the touris proved futile leading to the involvement of Tourism Police in a crackdown for Mr. Atukunda’s arrest.
He is currently enroute Kampala from Kabale and will be detained at Jinja Road police station awaiting hearing.

The Uganda Tourism Board through its Quality Assurance department is taking strong interventions to curb crime in the sector.

According to the UTB, Quality Assurance Manager Mr. Samora Semakula, UTB has set up a Tourism security committee consisting of Tourism Police, MTWA and representation from the Association of Uganda Tour Operators with the let aim of tactfully handling fraud and any cases reported by tourists.
Tourism is Uganda’s number one foreign exchange earner. We can not continue to let rogue operators destabilise the growth that we are seeing in the sector. Most importantly we want tourists to enjoy their stay in Uganda. Our role is to ensure quality standards are met in the sector.” Mr.Semakula said.

This brings the number of rogue your operators so far arrested this year to two. In a separate operation, Tourism Police and UTB cracked down and arrested Mr. Mugerwa Ahebwa who
defrauded American tourists of over $18,000. He is currently detained at Jinja Road police station awaiting hearing.

“We shall continue to crackdown rogue operators,”Mr. Semakula reinforces . The tourism industry currently contributes 10 per cent to gross domestic product, making it Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner. The industry contributes more than $1.4b (Shs5.1 trillion) annually and is projected to earn about Shs10 trillion ($2.7b) by 2020.

About the Uganda Tourism Board
Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is a statutory organisation established in 1994. Its role and mandate was reviewed in the Tourism Act of 2008. The Board's mandate is to promote and market Uganda across the region and internationally, promote quality assurance in tourist facilities through training, grading and classification, promote tourism investment, support and act as liaison for the private sector in tourism development. The broader goals of the Board are to increase the contribution of tourism earnings and GDP; improve Uganda’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination; and increase Uganda's share of Africa's and World tourism market. UTB aims to create inclusive opportunities for the tourism sector through market transformation.

Law society boss affirms need for more judges

By Sania Babirye
The Uganda Law society has also added its voice to that of the chief justice to have enough judges and Magistrates appointed in all districts by government if the increasing case backlog is to be tackled .

The President of Uganda Law Society, Simon Peter Kinobe has made the call while speaking at the launch of the 2019 New Law Year at the High court headquarters in Kampala.

Both Kinobe and Justice Bart Katureebe have expressed concern that the recent move by the Public service commission to ban the appointment of new judges and magistrates is affecting the proper and timely dispensation of justice since the judiciary is still struggling with few judges and Magistrates in relation to the many increasing cases received.

These two are in agreement that since government saw it fit to have a legal officer at every level from local council one (LC1) then appointing new judges and Magistrates us not an option but a necessity.

The new lawyer launch has been presided over by Vice-president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi who has among other new innovation by the judiciary launched a Mobile money platform where court fees can now be paid.

Others key officials in attendance included who attended included gormer premier Patrick Amama Mbabazi , UPC’s Jimmy Akena and DP’s Kawanga Ssemogerere.

Man to face court for murdering two people including own girlfriend

By Robert Segawa
Police together with internal security organization (ISO) have this morning recovered a body of 24 year old girl who was murdered by her boyfriend, Who later drove the body from Kampala and dumped it in Jongoza village in Kalisizo town council.

Security agencies stormed Jongoza village amid tight security with the killer Deo Mukisa Magombe who took them to the swamp where he dumped the body of Zuhurah Namusoke whom he killed by poisoning . Mukisa accuses the deceased of stealing his money amounting to 250,000 shillings.

The arrest comes shortly after security agencies on 30th January 2019 arrested him for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Elvis Kibule a 4 year old boy.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire the Kampala metropolitan the deputy police spokesperson, police investigation led them to arrest Deo Mukisa Magombe who later confessed to have Kidnapped Kibule a son of Kironde Ronald resident of Nakabugo village and asked ransom of 500,000|= shillings.

Magombe told the police that, he tied the toddler in a swamp and started demanding for money from the parents who later mobilized 250,000 shillings but again he went on and killed the boy later, his body was recovered from Lubijji swamp.

Owoyesigire also adds that he also confessed to the murder by poisoning of his girlfriend Zuhurah Namusoke and led them to Lubijji where he dumped the body. A search by police, ISO in Lubijji did not materialize until he remembered that he transported the body to Kalisizo where it was recovered.

According to officer in charge of Kalisizo police station Innocent Tusiime, the body was seen by area residents of Jongoza who informed the police which picked the body and was taken to Kalisizo health center for postmortem and was buried at Kalisizo town council cemetery after no one claimed it.

This morning OC Tumusiime said police was waiting for a court order from Masaka magistrate court to exhume the body from cemetery and hand it over to the family members for burial.
The suspect Deo Mukisa Magombe will appear in courts of law on murder charges after the investigation.

Beat Morning show host retires,shares lessons from two decades of radio

By Annah Nafula
Commonly known as Khasadha Byakika on radio but real names, Ebony Waiswa today announced his retirement from radio after 20 years of great service in broadcast media. The renowned presenter came to Beat FM in 2007. We met Waiswa who shared with us his experience as a broadcaster for the last two decades.

Waiswa has for a long time presented in his local dialect which is Lusoga. He came off humorous because olusoga sounds like broken Luganda.
On the first look, Waiswa looks rather reserved and often minding his business when alone but gladly responds when drawn to a conversation. He remembers his first time on radio was when he was persuaded to join Green channel FM then. “I was acting in theater plays, when the late Jerry Wampamba who was the director of Green FM saw me. He persuaded me to join Green channel FM. I was so excited and I remember I was not paid at all but worked with gladness because I was gaining experience,” says Waiswa.

Waiswa says by one year, he had started mastering the art of radio and he moved to Greater African Radio in Kamwokya. Here he was paid fifty thousand a month which was a good elevation in this newly embraced career. He later also worked at Monitor FM which ushered him into Beat FM.

There has been a tremendous contrast between radio then and radio now. When Waiswa started, radios used to play music on a reel then later Compact Discs and now everything is digital.“Ugandan radio has come a long way!” exclaims Waiswa. He explains that in the past radio was about more talking and less music but the gradual shift in listener’s attention spans has caused many radios to device more appealing strategies to keep their listeners hooked.

Waiswa cannot overlook the fact that radio has been beneficial to him. He says he has been able to see and meet so many people some of whom he mentions Stella Nyanzi and Late Sgt.Kifulugunyu. He says he might have never seen these people up-close and personal if he was not a presenter. “I also did voice a number of adverts with formidable companies, which earned me some extra pennies.” He adds.

Some of my most memorable moments as a presenter are when I stepped out of the morning show that ends at 10am at 9am. “I think I was absent minded that day, I thought the show was done, only to see my cohost’s call as I approached Wandegeya, calling me to finish the show,” recollects Waiswa before bursting into a hearty laughter. He also cannot forget the day they hosted Stella Nyanzi, they didn’t know what she would say next. “We literary kept our hands on the console to control her microphone in case she started hurling obscenities.” Waiswa explains.

Working on radio has been quiet challenging. “For the most part I worked as a morning show co-host. I found this so hectic and quiet pressing especially on my social life. Much as I had more opportunities to socialize. I had to go to bed by 9PM and be up by 3am to prepare for work,” Waiswa narrates.

From his experience, Waiswa says that he drew a number of lessons including to value patience and hard work. He learned to be considerate to others especially workmates and mindful of time. “Radio works on time, every second counts. You find yourself learning to programme your life similarly.”

He retires totally satisfied that hr did a great job as a broadcaster. He is excited that he will be able to rest and catch up with his family and his boys for a bit longer than usual. “But as you know, a man doesn’t stop working till his last day on earth, I will be in Luuka, taking care of my orange orchard and perhaps any other things that may come up.” Waiswa says

Mayiga encourages all parents to educate their children

By Daudi Zirimala
The Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has advised parents to pay much attention on education needs of their children than place much emphasis on material things of their children

Mayiga says when children are groomed and well educated they can manage the wealth of their parents and grow it.

Speaking during the 13th Graduation of Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education Mengo where over 1000 students were awarded diplomas in certificates in different disciplines, Mayiga said that passing on material things to an uneducated child is very disastrous.

“It’s important to prepare children adequately so that they realize the benefits of working hard because well groomed and educated children can generate their own wealth besides that of their guardians”, says Mayiga.

The principal of Buganda Royal Institute Anthony Wamala reiterated the need of hands on skills to students to enable them be innovative to solve problems affecting our people.

A total of 1482 students have graduated of whom 806 are Female students representing 54.3% and male students are 676 representing 45.7%.