Involve people in the redevelopment; Tumushabe

By Patricia Osman
Policy analyst Godber Tumushabe is advising the government to always involve residents in decision making when planning any redevelopment processes.
Responding  to the recent eviction of over 1000 vendors form park yard market in Kampala,Godber says redeployment usually  come with hard decisions however these should be made transparent and fair.
While deliberating on the Capital Gang show on Saturday, Tumushabe said, “as a country we should be brutally honest with ourselves as we assess the issues affecting this country.
During the same show gangster and legislator, Abdu Kantuntu expressed his disappointment saying these markets were formerly created for poor people but now the capitalist NRM is selling all these markets off  to rich developers. Whom he expresses fear that they are upto make profit through rating these arcades that are being built in the City.
Katuntu also adds that redevelopment should come with transparency. The process should be done in light and the developers should be clearly known by the people.

Beti Kamya refutes claims that she abandoned her party for NRM

By Patricia Osman
Capital Gangster Beti  Kamya who was recently appointed as Minister for Kampala downplays suggestions that she has abandoned her political party the Uganda Federal Alliance. Kamya is the founder and president of the party made these clarifications during the Saturday 4th Capital gang .
However since her appointment last week many Ugandans have come out to say she is now working with the ruling NRM party. Kamya says this is not true adding that her heart remains. She also says that no one has asked her to change to the NRM party.

If I was to vote one of the moderators I would vote Mr. Oscar Ssemweya: Gashumba

City business man Frank Gashumba wrote on his Facebook this morning:

“Based on what I see at Serena International Conference Center. The old man with the hat will attend the second presidential debate which he had initially called a talking competition of Kids in high school.

If I was to vote one of the moderators I would vote Mr. Oscar Ssemweya the Principal of Taibah Schools and Moderator of Capital Gang a radio show every Saturday, you can hardly know his political affiliation.

I hope this Presidential debate will be better than the one we witnessed were to me Major General David Biraro emerged as the best.

BTW the conference center where the Presidential Debate is going to be was constructed by Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada (RIP).
Suprisingly President M7 has never said anything good about Idi Amin.

Those of us who care to read our history know that no President has ever loved Uganda like Idi Amin.

For you, Ugandans living abroad our embassies you see where you live were constructed by Idi Amin.

If you believe Idi Amin was a Real Nationalist, type RIP.”


The qoutes that caught our ear on the Capital Gang


“We have not had free and fair elections,” Dr. Kizza Besigye

“I find it strange that someone would compare one vying  for an office with someone who is in the office,” Dr. Kizza Besigye

“Possibly I am the only party leader who has served and stepped down when everyone was saying I should be staying”, Dr Kizza Besigye

“I have not led a political party in a manner that frustrates anyone coming up.” Dr. Kizza Besigye

“I have not heard anyone outside our party contest the way I was elected flag bearer for our party,” Dr. Kizza Besigye

“It was the peasants that fought while others were waiting for offices.” Dr. Kizza Besigye

“We all agree that we would try to reach out to AmamaMbabazi.” Betty Kamya

“Amama Mbabazi was wooed to ‪#‎TDA‬ and he played hard to get.” Betty Kamya

“I don’t know if  Kizza Besigye has realized how the ground has shifted.” Betty Kamya

“12 FDC Members of Parliament  are with Amama Mbabazi, including Mathias Mpuuga and Abdu Katuntu .” Betty Kamya

“It’s my view that after three attempts Kizza Besigye was not going to add on support.” Betty Kamya

“All over the world incumbents have an advantage.” Nobert Mao

“No one should make an assumption that he has his voters tied up in a sack.” Nobert Mao

“I look forward to coming back to ‪#‎CapitalGang‬ & either licking my wounds or celebrating.” Nobert Mao

“We have all been exchanging words but we are on the same side.” Nobert Mao

“We should now have a ceasefire.” Nobert Mao

“After 3 runs you can say there’s something a keen to Besigye.” Nobert Mao

“Amama Mbabazi is very prepared for the elections.” Nobert Mao

“I thought Kizza Besigye focus was divided.” Nobert Mao

“If we genuinely think we can win, let’s give it a shot.” Nobert Mao

#‎TDA‬‘s joint goal was to consolidate the strength of the opposition forces.” Nobert Mao

“It’s a funnel to say Kaguta Museveni won’t get 51%.” Nobert Mao

“At a personal level I prefer the Kenyan way.” Semujju Nganda




What is Besigye’s view on JPAM?

On the Capital Gang this Saturday,

We shall be hosting Dr Kiiza Besigye. After a hectic campaign he won the vote to become Forum for Democratic party presidential flag bearer. He will probably win the head of The Democratic Alliance position as well. So what is next? Will he boycott elections if electoral reforms are not made? How does he handle those who opposed his position?

What is his response to Amanya Mushega’s open letter to him?

What is his opinion on the JPAM factor? Isn’t Amama stealing all the opposition supporters?

Listen to 91.3 Capital FM or stream live on on Saturday 12th.

Besigye and Muntu face off

The Forum for Democratic party delegates conference is happening now at the Nelson Mandela National stadium. The main contest of who will become party flag bearer in 2016 elections is between Gen Mugisha Muntu and  Dr Kizza Besigye .

About 1000 delegates from several parts of the country have turned up though a scuffle unfolded when some delegates turned up without accreditation and were stopped from accessing Namboole.

FDC secretary General, Nandala Mafabi  thanked all the funders and the MPs for the financial support they have extended to the party.

He also added that,”today is another day to conclude unfinished business by National Executive Committe and I recognise the two presidential contenders – Dr Besigye and Rtd Gen Muntu. It is important for you to know the matter is set to be concluded today. We are going to issue an extensive program.”