CCEDU says new campaign guidelines are not all inclusive

By Deo Wasswa
Organizations advocating for free and fair elections in the country under their umbrella organisation CCEDU say the electoral road map announced today by the Uganda electoral commission is not all inclusive and participatory to majority of Ugandans.

Citizens coalition on electoral democracy (CCEDU) they say as Uganda electoral commission plans to implement the online campaigns for candidates, it should also consider some offline consultation meetings where candidates would meet their electorates and campaign mangers in groups of not more than 30 people while observing standard operating procedure against the spread of Covid19 disease.

They say, the offline meetings should be allowed especially up country where majority of Ugandans have less access to internet, television, radio and other online platforms.

Open letter to Museveni: CCEDU calls for urgent electoral reforms for 2021

Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda-CCEDU CCEDU has written an open later to president Yoweri Museveni calling upon the Government to urgently begin to enact the necessary electoral reforms and to support practices that promote credible and transparent elections. In a letter, CCEDU coordinator Crispin Kaheru notes that implementing the reforms will require the involvement of citizens, Parliament in addition to the Government in order to create a sustainable transparent electoral process.

CCEDU has asked president Museveni to translate his public condemnation of voter bribery into action, by supporting the expeditious enactment of The Election Campaign Financing Bill, 2018 to regulate campaign financing during elections. According to a letter signed by CCEDDU coordinator Crispin Kaheru it is time to regulate campaign financing by setting and implementing limits for campaign spending for elective positions

Attached is the copy of CCEDU letter:

cced 1

cced 2

cced 3

Cced 4

cced 5

cced 6

cced 7


By Moses Kidandi

The Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has threatened to challenge government, parliament and the Electoral Commission (EC) in courts of law over the lining up system of voting in the village elections.

CCEDU Coordinator Crispin Kaheru says as civil society organizations under the Uganda National Non Government Forum (UNNGF) want EC and Parliament to pronounce themselves about the exact system that is to be used in the village election.

Late last year, Parliament passed the Local Government Amendment Bill 2014 providing for lining up behind candidates during elections of chairpersons for LC1 and parish levels expected this month.

Kaheru explains that such election system will create hatred between the candidates that would have lost the votes and the voters not to have voted them.