Clergy applauded for promoting family planning

By Alice Lubwama

The chairperson of the health committee of parliament DR Michael Bukenya assures religious leaders that the health budget will not be reduced from the 2.6 trillion shillings that was allocated last year.

The religious leaders led by the deputy Mufti Uganda Muslim supreme council Sheikh Ali Waiswa are concerned about the declining investment in the health sector which would definitely affect Family planning budget (from 7.9%-5%) •

They are also concerned with the low absorption of funds by the ministry of health due to late release and want the funds allocated for different programs to be accounted for.

Bukenya says that although the call circular that was earlier sent to parliament by the ministry of finance had indicated a decline in the health budget, but parliament has recommended for even more funds for the sector.

The health budget was allocated 2.6 trillion in financial year 2019-2020.

Bukenya notes that parliament has also proposed an allocation of extra 15 billion shillings for Maama kits on top of the 16 billion shillings allocated for reproductive health supplies.

He has commended the religious leaders for the job well done in advocating for family planning financing so that Ugandans can have manageable families.

The inter faith dialogue was convened by an organization faith for family health initiative with the aim of bringing together religious leaders and decision makers to discuss how they can work together to improve the health of Ugandans with more emphasis on family planning.