Beverage company to donate 35000 coolers to women

By Daudi Zirimala
Over 35,000 women across Uganda are beneficiaries of the 5 by 20 campaign spear headed by Coca Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda. The campaign that started few years ago has seen women receive coolers to enable them start businesses in the retail category targeting systems outlet universe is composed of small, general stores, local kiosks among others.

While addressing the beneficiaries,Flavia Nabaasa the business Development and commercialization Director at Cocacola said that the initiative dubbed 5by 20 has helped to transform the lives of millions of women and thousands of communities by using core business model to grow and sustain small businesses.

Nabaasa added that the campaign is aimed at empowering 35,000 women in Uganda. She says women are a better choice of investment since they spur economic growth and foster sustainable development.

This year the company has so far received 1851 coolers which are being issued to customers across the country and women in the retail category says Maureen Kyomuhendo CCBA group.

Kyomuhendo said that through this initiative, they offer women access to business skills training and connections with peers and this has resulted in increased economic value and business capability for women, communities and our business system.

Women reinvest 90% of their income in their family and community, so by supporting women, we are building sustainable communities through this ripple effect says Flavia Nabaasa.

Beverage company in a Valentine’s day blood donation drive

By Daudi Zirimala

The Coca Cola beverages Africa, Uganda has embarked on a blood donation campaign aimed at collecting 300 units of blood as they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

According to Simon Kaheru the corporate affairs Manager at Coca-Cola, Ugandans should not wait for emergencies in order to donate but it should be done regularly to protect ourselves during times of incidents that may require blood such as accidents, during birth among others.

“The same way we bank money and withdraw in times of need is the same way we have to make sure regional blood banks and blood collection centers are fully stocked to protect ourselves during times of incidents”, said Kaheru.

He noted that well as people are in Valentine’s Day mood, they made it a norm as company to donate blood and carry out free sickle cell screening to enable Coca cola workers and neighboring communities to know their health status .

Speaking after donating blood at Namanve, Kaheru called upon all industries around Namanve to join the drive in a bid to fix the blood shortage gap in the country.

Government hails industries with best safety practices

By Moses Kidandi

The Government has started recognition of various company’s for setting up best practices for the benefit of their employees while at work.

The recognition from the ministry of gender labor and social development is in line with companys that have ensured best safety standards mainly providing working facilities like safety gear,provision of elevators in their building structures and provision of walk ways for persons with disabilities.

The first recognition went to the century bottling company limited, manufacturers of Coca Cola products is meant to encourage other companies have best practices in ensuring the safety of their employees at work.

The public affairs and communications manager century bottling company Moreen Kyomuhendo is urging fellow industrialists to borrow from their experience and ensure the safety of their staff at workplace.

Over 200 workers get injured while others get killed as a result of accidents at work places which has been attributed to lack of safety gears.

Kenya bans Coca cola ‘taste the feeling’ commercial over kissing scene

Kenya’s Film Classification Board (KFCB) has forced Coca-Cola to scrap a kissing scene in a television advert because it “violated family values”.

In the three-second scene two strangers have a passionate embrace in a library.

The head of the film board Ezekiel Mutua said Coca-Cola has agreed to release a new version of the commercial without the scene on Wednesday night.

KFCB previously asked YouTube to remove a music video about same-sex relationships on “moral grounds”.

Six adverts with the tagline “Taste the Feeling” were released globally in January, reports Ad Week.

The film board warned advertisers to consider if children would be watching at the time the advert is aired, reports the BBC’s Abdinoor Aden in the capital Nairobi.

Last month, the board complained about a sex party which they claimed was being used by an international pornography ring to make films.

In 2014 the film board banned the US film The Wolf of Wall Street because of “extreme scenes of nudity, sex, debauchery, hedonism and cursing”.