Ministry of health accused for extending quarantine days illegally

By Sania Babirye

Ugandans who were quarantined in a hotel in Makerere have accused the ministry of health of illegally extending their mandatory 14 days to 17 days .

In a letter addressed to the ministry of health, the group led by Ivan Bwowe claim that despite finishing their mandatory 14 days as recommended by the world health organization, they were surprised when they were ordered to stay more three days in the under quarantine by ministry of health on self sponsorship.

These say that although the three days might seem a few, they will not pay for them because they are not only illegal but were not planned for.

He says that they are already constrained financially since they spend between 200,000 to 800,000 Ugandans shillings daily in these hotels which is obnoxious and the extra three days were unplanned for and they can not afford it.

He has accused ministry of health of taking advantage of them and enrich the said hotels at their expense yet, when they were returning back, they were required to bring with them a negative COVID-19 certificate which they presented .

He has accused the ministry of unfairly treating them compared to other people like lorry drivers who are left to go on with their work after being tested for COVID-19.

How minister Ruth Aceng says they added the three days after some of the people they returned with tested positive requiring them to stay extra days for further observation.

She says that after the three days, they will be given their results and asked then to be grateful since the government allowed them to return back home.

Government asked to pay more attention to other diseases too

By Deo Wasswa

The Network of people living with HIV under their national umbrella organisation, The National Forum of People Living with HIV has received hand hygiene commodities worth USD 240,000 as part of efforts to improve hygiene and sanitation as the country continues to battle with COVID-19.

The kits donated by USAID together with Reckitt Benckiser Group and Dembe group will be distributed to 100,000 people living with HIV across the country.

While receiving the donation Dr. Steven Watiti the board chair of the network has urged health workers, government and health partners to put more attention on other diseases as it fights the corona virus disease also.

He says, as the government continues to fight the deadly corona virus other diseases, especially HIV, have gotten less attention yet it has continued to claim lives of Ugandans

Minister Mutuuzo asks Ugandans to take precaution against Corona Virus

By Robert Segawa

Schools, worship places, and public gatherings have been cautioned to be extra cautious and put in place measures to safeguard masses against Corona virus.

The call was made by State minister for Gender, labor and social development, Hon Peace Mutuuzo during the launch of Inter- Ministerial Forum on Disability inclusion at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

Minister Mutuuzo says although Uganda has not yet received any case of Corona virus,we are not immune and that the neighboring countries that already reported cases, so security should be extra cautious in protecting boarders by testing people to see if they have Corona virus before crossing to Uganda.

She encouraged the public to stock more food at home if possible. She also advised people to have enough Sanitizers, wash hands many times as they can using soap as well as stay at home if possible.

Handshakes, hugging banned as government take precaution against corona virus

By Deo Wasswa

The ministry of health has banned handshakes and hugging in a bid to prevent the spread of Corona Virus that started in Wuhan China.

The minister for health Jane Ruth Aceng has also announced that all passengers arriving in the country through Entebbe International Airport will be sprayed with sanitizers to avoid importation of the virus, while travelers from China, Italy, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany that have been ravaged by the disease will be subjected to 14 days of self-quarantine on their cost upon their arrival in Uganda

She noted that the government has reviewed the evolution of corona virus in the affected countries to ensure they come up with appropriate measures to deal with the disease.

Minister noted that Travelers from 16 countries where the virus is on high such as China, Italy, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany among others will be subjected to 14 days of self-quarantine on their cost upon their arrival at Entebbe airport.

The ministry also confirmed that as of now, no any case of corona virus has been identified in Uganda.

However service providers especially boda boda riders are asking government to provide treated surgical masks to boda boda riders as a means of preventing them from being infected with Corona virus.

It should be noted that areas like Acacia have been known to host a decent number of foreigners that people offering especially transportation services are asking government for serious precautionary intervention.

Capital radio managed to speak to Ssenyonjo Joseph a boda boda rider at Acacia who expressed the fear that if Corona virus enters Uganda they will be infected since they transport different people who come from different countries.The nature of their business doesn’t discriminate who they transport and who they leave.


UN stops legislators from traveling for meeting over Corona Virus

By Alice Lubwama

The UN has stopped different dignitaries from attending the annual meeting on the status of women in New York due to fears of the spread of the Corona virus.

The meeting had been scheduled for 9th- 20th of March.

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has informed legislators that Uganda will be represented by its permanent representatives in New York as all countries have been advised not to travel.

The meeting is an annual two weeks event discussing issues pertaining promoting equality and women’s empowerment.

The flu-like corona virus that emerged from central China this year has spread to about sixty countries and killed more than 3,000 mostly in China. So far 10 U.S. states, including California and New York, have confirmed all presumed cases.

WHO says corona virus is not yet an international concern

The head of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus has declared that the respiratory disease Novel Corona virus is not yet an official Public Health Emergency of International Concern. He, however, warned that the disease is an emergency in China.

The declaration came after two days of deliberations, in which the WHO Emergency Committee remained divided on whether to declare the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

The disease has spread rapidly to several countries including Japan, Singapore and the United States of America, and Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, said in a press conference held in Geneva that the outbreak poses a very high risk in China.

According to the World Health Organisation, 584 cases have now been reported, including 17 deaths. 575 of the reported cases were in China, while the other were in Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the United States of America and Vietnam, with further possible cases being investigated in other countries; among them, The United Kingdom.

The WHO chief acknowledged that there are still many unknown factors about the disease.

“We don’t know the source of this virus. We don’t understand how easily it spreads and we don’t fully understand its clinical features or severity… But we know that among those infected, one-quarter of patients have experienced severe disease and that it can kill. We know that most of those who have died had underlying health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, that weakened their immune systems.

The WHO chief warned, that the agency’s decision should not be taken as a sign that it is doing nothing adding that the WHO is following the outbreak “every minute of every day,” at a country, regional and global level, to prevent human to human transmission.

He added that the WHO is working with the partner’s in China and the other affected countries at the regional level, and at the headquarters in Geneva, to fill the gaps in the knowledge as quickly as possible.

Ghebreyesus says that the health agency has also provided guidance to all countries for the rapid identification, management and containment of the virus based on the sequence from China.

A statement released by WHO soon after the press conference, noted that the Committee members agree on the urgency of the situation, and suggested the Committee should be reconvened “in a matter of days” to examine the situation further.

All countries, recommends the Committee should be prepared to contain the virus, through active surveillance, early detection, isolation, case management, and prevention of onward spread of infection, and to share full data with WHO.

A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in the nose, sinuses, or upper throat. At the moment, there is no vaccine for the virus.
~From Uganda Radio Network