Nine ordered to pay fine for moving past curfew time

By Sania Babirye

City hall court has ordered nine people to pay a 200,000 fine or serve a one month imprisonment term for moving during curfew time.

These led by Ali Byamukama have Ben convicted on their own plea of guilty by grade one magistrate Valerian Tuhimbise .

They were charged with disobedience of lawful order issued by President Yoweri Museveni.

Prosecution led by Viola Tusingwire states that all and others still at large on November 23rd 2020 at Kigowa zone in Kampala disobeyed lawful orders or commands duly issued by the president by moving during curfew time.
Court heard that these were arrested at 9:30pm and they are all residents of Kigowa.

Robert Kyagulanyi released on bail

By Sania Babirye

The National Unity Platform party president and presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has been granted bail by the Iganga magistrate court.

Chief magistrate Catherine Agwero Nshemere has released Kyagulanyi on a non cash court bond but with stringent measures.

She has ordered Kyagulanyi to respect the guidelines issued by the electoral commission and the standard operation procedures issued by ministry of health to combat COVID-19.

Kyagulanyi is expected not to have more than 200 people during his remaining campaigns. He is expected to wear a mask and exercise social distancing. He should always have hand washing equipment at all his venues. He also must campaign within the stipulated time.

Kyagulanyi pleaded not guilty to one count of doing an act likely to spread an infectious disease contrary to penal code act and the public health control of COVID-19 rules.

Prosecution states that on the 18th of November 2020 at around 11:00am at Luuka town council, in Luuka district, negligently did an act which he knew or had reasons to believe was likely to spread the infectious of COVID-19 a disease dangerous to life.

When given a chance to address court, Kyagulanyi informed the Magistrate that this case instead of being Uganda vs Kyagulanyi should instead be Uganda vs Museveni.

Bobiwine while in the court dock stated that President Museveni should be tried for the alleged killing and committing of other crimes against innocent Ugandans.

He said that he has not committed any crime , but his crime is just contesting to challenge the over 35 year murder reign of dictator Museveni.

He has however stated that Uganda does not belong to president Museveni but belongs to the people of Uganda and Ugandans will soon reclaim it.

His lawyers led by Medard Segona also asked court to order a police officer who confiscate his torn and dirty clothes that he was arrested in .

This is after his lawyers made him change into some thing clean as he reached court but a police officer only identified as

Segona stated that it was an upfront to the integrity on the process of court and have no right to confiscate his clothes at court since once an accused person has been delivered to court he seizes to be a property of police and so his belongings.

Bobiwine’s sureties included Jonh Baptist Nambeshe, Paul Mwiru among others.

He returns to court on the 18th of this month for further mention of his case.

Man sent to jail for attempting to rape fellow resident

By Sania Babirye

A 45 year old resident of Kawala zone 2 in Kampala who was arrested trying rape a fellow resident has been remanded to Kitalya prison on charges of attempted rape.

Moses Kayima a casual laborer appeared before Buganda road chief magistrate court and denied the charge.

He is to return to court on the 8th of December to start trial.

Prosecution states that on 25th of May 2020, at Kawala zone 2 in Rubaga division in Kampala district, the accused attempted to unlawfully to perform a canal knowledge with the victim without her consent.

According to the evidence, Kayima was caught red handed trying to insert his penis in the private parts of the victim who made an alarm for rescue by the residents

Kanyamunyu’s request to stay his trial denied

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court Judge Stephen Mubiru has dismissed an application by Kampala businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu in which he wanted court to stay his trial to allow the ongoing traditional reconciliation between Jim and the late Akena’s family to have the matter settled out of court.

Kanyamunyu is charged with the the murder of social worker Kenneth Akena in 2016.

Justice Mubiru has ruled that allowing such application will be like over stepping his boundaries to incorporate traditional policies that have no guarantee for human rights protection, with no enforcement mechanism and time boundary into a criminal boundaries.

Justice Mubiru has now accused Kanyamunyu of coming up with tactics to delay his trial yet so far 13 witnesses have already testified in court.

Last month, Kanyamunyu was seen on social Media kneeling before cultural leaders while apologizing
However the judiciary says that its not aware of any ongoing negotiations between Kanyamunyu and the late Akena’s family and that the trial will go on.

On the the 21st of February this year, justice Mubiru who was hearing the said case abruptly adjourned it to another convenient court session on grounds that his session had ended and had been transferred to Gulu high court on other duties Star ng that the case had to be allocated to a new Judge to hear it a fresh.

By the time he suspended the case, Justice Mubiru had heard from about 13 prosecution witnesses including relatives of the deceased, medical experts and investigators who had confirmed that indeed, the killer missing gun had blood residues belonging to Akena and an eye witness who claims to have seen Mathew and his girlfriend Cynthia in the parking lot together with the deceased before his death.

In November 2016, Matthew Kanyamunyu was charged alongside his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu and girl friend Cynthia Munwangari for the murder of Kenneth Akena at Lugogo in Kampala.

Prosecution states that on the 12th of November 2016 along Jinja High way in Kampala opposite the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) , with malice afore thought shot at Kenneth Akena who later died from Norvik hospital in Kampala.

Akena is said to have accidentally scratched Mathew Kanyamunyu’s car but when he got out to apologize, Mathew Kanyamunyu who was in the car with his girlfriend allegedly pulled out his missing gun and shot him three times in the stomach.

He died at Norvik Hospital where Kanyamunyu who claims to have been trying to save him as a good Samaritan had taken him for medication.

Akena however is said to have left a dying declaration saying he was shot by Kanyamunyu.

Kanyamunyu meanwhile has gotten new lawyers of Kampala associates replacing McDusman Kabega, Evans Oceng and Caleb Alaka who abandoned him.

Kazinda convicted

By Sania Babirye

Anti corruption court judge Margret Tibulya find guilty and consequently convict the former principle accountant in the office of the prime minister Geoffrey Kazinda on charges of illicit enrichment for allegedly maintaining a lifestyle beyond his known source of income.

Ali Munira the PRO of the IGGs office says that the said sentence is meant to be a deterrent to the other would be public servant offenders.
The conviction comes after the constitutional court ordered that Kazinda be released and all pending charges dismissed since they are all related to the first charge he was convicted of in 2013 and has since served his sentence.

However, the IGG says that they are not bound by the constitutional court ruling since they had over whelming evidence to prove the said charges against Kazinda.
I,GG accused Kazinda of amassing wealth amounting to 4.6 billion shillings which is not inline with his known income.

The said case was the last case pending in court against Kazinda and it saw him still held up in Luzira prison despite being set free by the court of appeal and recently the constitution court .

Kazinda had stated that its unfair and unjust that the Inspectorate of government is using the said case to deny him his freedom yet even the constitutional court dismissed charges against him in relation to the said case.

The frustrated Kazinda had claimed that for the past 8 years since he was first charged in 2013, the IGG had failed to complete the said case denying him his right to speedy trial and justice.

According to the IGG, Kazinda’s estimated income as a public servant from 2009 to 2012 was 83.7 million shillings.

Kazinda has been in Luzira prison since 2013 when he was convicted on unlawfully possessing government stores and sentenced to five years .

By the time of his arrest on illicit enrichment charges, IGG found out that Kazinda had rented Constellation suites in Nakasero and apartments in Kampala for ten months at a cost of 210 million shillings, had a house and land at Kyadondo , Mengo West valued at 3.1bn, cars including BMW,Mercedes Benz, ML class, Dodge Saloon car all valued at 769 million shillings and diverting over 20bn government funds.

Equal opportunities boss granted bail

By Sania Babirye

The anti corruption court has granted a 3.5 million cash bail to the Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi.

Grade one magistrate Moses Nabende also ordered Ntambi to deposit all his travel documents, land title of Block 226 plot 541 private land at Kyadondo in court while her three sureties including Chief executive officer LASPNET Sylvia Namubiru were ordered to execute a non cash bond of 44 million shillings to ensure that she returns in court whenever needed.

The case has now been adjourned to November 24th 2020 for further mention as police concludes it’s investigations.

Ntambi is jointly charged with other nine officials from the same commission who face with 25 counts including causing financial loss, embezzlement, corruption , abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud.

Ntambi is separately accused of negligence which resulted into gross mismanagement of the commission’s funds between 2018 and April 2019

Evidence before court shows that she conspired with other officials at the commission to defraud government of 44 million shillings which was allegedly claimed to undertake and audit exercise of the Rural Electrification Programme in Uganda which activity is said to have not taken place.

Ntambi was arrested after a whistle blower petitioned president Museveni accusing her of tribalism by recruiting her tribes mates, relatives and classmates without following the proper procedures.

She was also accused of illegal dismissal of staff members,refusing to renew contracts of staff members and irregular staff interdiction.

She however denies all the said allegations.

Ham case: Judge sets date for rule on DTB appeal

By Sania Babirye

The high court commercial division Justice Flavia Zeija has set the 2nd of November 2020 to rule on an appeal filed by DTB bank against businessman Ham Mukasa of Mukasa enterprises in which court had stopped a syndicated loan amounting to 39.7 billion that Ham acquired from the bank.

Today, lawyers representing Businessman Ham Mukasa led by Fred Muwema have asked court to dismiss the said appeal with costs on grounds that the said appeal is incompetent in law and misconceived.

Muwema has stated that the high court commercial division did not error in anyway while dismissing the said loan since DTB broke the rules that governs the banking industry and that they over hyped their alleged losses.

Muwema also wants DTB to return the money since they unlawfully took it and since they also lost the case saying its unfair for the bank that lost the case to stay with the money.

DTB bank lawyer Kiryowa Kiwanuka has asked court to stay the execution of the commercial high division court judge Henry Peter Adonyo ruling until final determination of the said appeal.

Kiryowa noted that that the said ruling that was handed in the 7th of October 2020 was full of many irregularities including ordering that the bank returned Kigundu’s titles land titles after wining the case and over 120bn shillings that DTB had taken from his accounts.

UNBS officials granted bail

By Sania Babirye

The anti corruption court has granted a one million cash bail to two officials from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards Mbarara branch who were charged and remanded to prison on the 15th of this month for soliciting and receiving a three million bribe.

The two including Shaka Vitalias and Mwamule Norman both employees of UNBS working at Mbarara regional offices ,as a head of Inspection and Surveillance respectively have been releases by grade one magistrate Moses Nabende and ordered to return to court on the 6th of November for further mention of their case .

Prosecution states that on the 6th of October 2020 in Kabwohe Sheema district, the two solicited and received a bribe of three million shillings from Mukama Nayamva a branch manager of one of the factories in the district to write a favorable report about the factory and not to close it after inspection.

It is alleged that on 29/7/2020 the suspects who were driving an official car Registration Number UAJ 486X Nissan Pickup, went to Mukama Nayamba processing factory and introduced themselves and indicated that they had come to do official business of inspection.

Unfortunately upon completion of thier inspection they intimated that the factory had failed to measure to the standards and threatened to close it.

Scared of their actions, the Manager of the factory offered them one million which they declined , but insisted that they needed 10Million.

With the continued engagement, the two parties settled at 6 million which was handed over to Shaka Vitalias.

The suspect later came a week after and demanded more money to the dismay of the workers at Mukama Nayamba.

But on consultation with thier MD, a position was reached that these people should be tracked and be arrested.

Indeed a 3 Million trap was set to which the suspects succumbed to on 6/08/2020.

The suspects were then arrested, searched and found in possession of the money, and detained at Sheema Police Station.

Case file CRB 496/2020 was opened, investigations expedited and charges of Corruption C/S 2(a)&26 of the Anti-Corruption 2009 as Amended were sanctioned and dully consented to.

Suspects were re-arrested and brought to Kampala where they appeared today 15/10/2020 before His worship Moses Nabende and remanded till 23/10/2020 for hearing of their bail application.

Nalubwama finally chosen as NRM flag bearer

By Alice Lubwama

The independent electoral commission has finally nominated Agatha Nalubwama as NRM flag bearer for Kayunga woman seat in the forth coming elections.

Although there were several attempts by her NRM primaries opponent Jacqueline Birungi to block her nomination, Nalubwama has still been chosen as party flag bearer.

Her nomination follows Thursday’s interim order issued by the court of appeal staying the execution of the ruling and orders made by Justice David Batema of Mukono high court, until the main application is disposed.

The NRM party Electoral Commission filed an appeal before the court of appeal contesting the decision of Justice Batema that nullified the election of Nalubwama Agatha as party flag bearer for 2021 general elections.

Nalubwama has promised to change the lives of the people of Kayunga who are mainly farmers by wooing investor’s to the area to help them add value to their produce.

She also promised that once elected in parliament ,she will also empower the youth with skills to enable them start up small income generating projects.

Others nominated today include Jacqueline Birungi also vying for the same seat of woman mp on independent ticket and Harriet Nakwegedde also contesting for woman seat on National unity platform ticket.

Court okays Buwembo’s nomination

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court judge Micheal Elabu has Okayed the nomination of Habib Buwembo as FDCs rightful flag bearer fir Rubaga South constituency.

This is after an aggrieved Forum for Democratic Change aspirant for the same seat Nakanwagi Grace petitioned the high court seeking to block Buwembo’s nomination on grounds that the party had already voted her as the flag bearer.

Justice Elabu has ruled that Buwembo genuinely won the FDC primaries with 29 votes against Nakanwagi who pulled only four votes.

He added that it would be unfair for court to interfere with the will of the people who voted Buwembo to represent them

Nakanwagi has also been ordered to pay costs to Buwembo.